Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Will Rogers Adventure!

Tina, Vince, Ruth
(Mary took Picture)
Romance Fans are Very Fortunate!

Romance authors are very approachable. Especially Christian fiction writers. Yesterday I spent an afternoon with three Academy Award quality authors, Tina Radcliffe, Ruth Logan Herne, and Mary Connealy, touring the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. Now when would that ever happen with movie actors? 

I must say all three ladies are more beautiful in person than any picture can capture. I think Christian romance authors have a glow about them which radiates warmth and sincerity.  The setting made me think that these three ladies exemplified the very spirit of Will Rogers.

Here are a few photos. We looked and talked so much there were very few pictures taken.

Tina Taking a Picture of Ruth in Distance
Tina in front of Will Rogers Mural

Ruth looking at Will Rogers Tomb

Mary After Seeing Everything!

I wish that every fan will someday have the opportunity I enjoyed yesterday. 


  1. Vince, what a wonderful and generous thing you did, sharing your time with us yesterday. The museum was amazing. I've always liked Will Rogers... Now I'm totally lovin' the guy! What a wonderful afternoon, and then to share Saturday with you and Linda????

    THAT ROCKED, BIG GUY! LOVED THE FUDGE! (Vince made the Allegany Maple Fudge that I have in my second Men of Allegany County book: "Small Town Hearts"...And it was perfect!!!)

    Bless you both and I'm already looking forward to seeing you guys again!


  2. Hi Ruth:

    My wife said you were an amazing person -- amazingly nice. I said, "When you are a Christian romance writer you kind of have a head start on being nice."

    You have a big fan in Linda (and me).

    I hope Linda will come to Dallas and that you will be able to be there, too.


  3. I'm still fuming these gals waited until AFTER I moved away to make this trip! Yes, yes, they explained it was in the works way before then, but I still have to give them a hard time.

    But at least my claim to fame is I MET VINCE FIRST!!!!

  4. I cant' believe Vince made fudge.
    It was delicious, too.
    Adn it's your first attempt at fudge? Fudge is HARD (or at least when I make it it's a ROCK!!!!!!!)

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your fun visit with the Seekers, Vince. I want to meet you in person and visit the Will Rogers Museum. Myra, we should've made a road trip to Tulsa before you moved!

  6. Hi Myra:

    I know how you feel. The moment I join WIN and go to my first meeting they tell me you moved away.

    But then life is a series of adventures!

    I hope I can meet everyone in Dallas next year!


  7. Hi Mary:

    Ruth’s fudge was the first fudge I ever made and it came out very well. All I did was do exactly what they recipe called for. No derivations in anything. Of course, Ruth wrote the recipe like a fiction writer and not a cook so it was very understandable. She should do a cookbook.

    Great to see you. Next year in Dallas.


  8. Hi Janet & Myra:

    Good news! The Will Rogers Museum hasn’t gone anywhere! There will be time to plan many trips in the future!

    Also the Tulsa Gilcrease Museum has one of the best collections of Western art in the world.

    Keep the faith!


  9. Hi Ruth:

    Linda feels like she has known you for years. I hope I can get her to Dallas next year.

    She thinks you're like one of the family -- the Mooney family! :)