Thursday, October 20, 2011

The “Price of Victory” – The Romancing of Life Itself!

The Price of Victory” -- A Winning Avalon Debut Novel – 5 Stars -- The Romancing of Life Itself!
Sandra Leesmith
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Avalon Books

A Lesson in Life…A Lesson in Love 

“The Price of Victory” is a love story about finding and living your dreams. As the story opens, the hero, Sterling Wade, and heroine,  Debra Valenzuela, are at major turning points in their lives. Sterling is a veteran professional bicycle racer on the verge of career burnout. Sterling is looking for more in life than winning races. He feels he has achieved his racing goals and is now at that stage in life when some carefree bachelors feel it is time to find a wife and start a family. 

Debra, on the other hand, is just beginning her career as a bicycle racer. A relationship with a man is the last thing she wants at this point in her life.  

Debra is a decade younger than Sterling. She has just quit college in order to follow her dreams. She is very talented for her age and she trains very hard. Debra longs to go on the European tour, see the world, and impress her father who is upset that she is the only one of many siblings to quit college!  He sees her as a failure who is wasting her time on an impossible dream – a dream he sees little value in pursuing. Debra has a learning disability that makes college level work impossible. The bicycle dream is possible. 

Simply Fascinating! 

If you love bicycle racing or if you’re just interested in learning about the sport, you’ll love reading “The Price of Victory”.  The author, Sandra Leesmith, is writing about what she well knows. Just reading the details of racing is fascinating in it’s own right. 

It’s Not About the Bike 

“The Price of Victory”  is about life. It’s about finding your dreams and knowing yourself.  It’s about a mentor relationship. About the older man who has been there and the young student he loves who is about to embark on the same journey. It’s a love story more about 'being the right person' than about 'finding the right person'. 

Like Falling Snow Flakes

The love story in “The Price of Victory” falls into place so gently, in so many different acts of kindness, that it is like watching fluffy snow flakes falling one-by-one silently upon the ground. I just loved reading this book.  There is ample surface action with racing excitement to command the reader’s attention. Then, just below the surface, there is a deeply moving love story.  I’m sure this is why the book is with Avalon. It’s like a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. Just wonderful! 

An Inspiration Sample:

Debra thinks she cannot love Sterling and still have a racing career. She is young and single minded. From the book: 

“Being with me is right. Continuing your training is right. You’re trying to put logic into what your heart feels. That’s why you feel disoriented. What you need is to bring your heart into your mind.”

He brushed away her tear with a corner of her towel. 

She looked deeply into his eyes, searching for the truth he always seemed to have at his fingertips. “I don’t understand.” 

His smile warmed the chill inside. He guided her off the trainer and began walking with her around the room. “Tell me what you don’t understand.” 

“How do you know all these things? How can you be so patient?”

“I’ve lived my dream. I’ve accomplished what I wanted to in racing. So I’m ready for other things.” He paused and pulled her around to face him. “You are just beginning. You must follow your own dreams. I understand that.” 

“I know. Basically, that’s what I have been doing.” 

“So what’s the problem.” 

“What is it you truly desire? That is what you need to focus on.” 

And when Debra is still hung up on winning her father’s love, Sterling answers:

“There is no satisfaction in seeking approval from man. Contentment comes from within you.” He continued walking. “Discover who you really are, and you won’t have to worry about your parents’ love and respect.” 

“I don’t understand what you mean.” 

“Your peace and contentment will rub off onto others. You don’t need a trophy to buy respect. You earn it by proving you can meet life head on and handle it.” 

Finding and fighting for your dreams and dreaming for the right things for the right reasons."

A Book Well Worth Reading

“The Price of Victory”  is a book well worth reading. I would say it is very good for a person to read this book.  I see it as an ideal Christmas present or a warm welcome to someone in a hospital. 

Sandra Leesmith is a gifted Inspirational author. She also writes children’s books. I believe that it is her writing experience that makes “The Price of Victory”  so refreshingly different. Highest Recommendation. 

“The Price of Victory” – Highest Recommendation!  


  1. Thanks for the great review, Vince. I'm looking even more forward to reading this story! It's sitting here beside me calling my name already. :)

    By the way, great photos from Mary, Tina and Ruthy's visit to Tulsa! I enjoyed seeing you and your wife in them.

  2. Vince, I'm soooooooo touched by your review. And humbled. Thank you. It means a lot to me because I truly value your opinion.

    We always enjoy your comments on Seekerville-smile

  3. Hi Sandra:

    Thanks for stopping by. I think your ‘voice’ is very refreshing and reflects your inspirational experience. I think with all the color and excitement of bycle racing, “The Price of Victory” would make a great movie.


  4. Hi Missy:

    My wife thanks you again for posting the video of Orange Beach. Linda intends to go every year now. We met couple after couple who have been coming back year after year for more than a decade. We were the only people we met who were there for the first time. (And there’s a Wal-Mart just down the road).

    About “The Price of Victory”, notice how different it is having the hero support the heroine’s dream as a means of creating interest rather than having hero/heroine in conflict. There’s great interest created by the racing events so the falling in love can be more enjoyable and less stressful ( and artificial in my estimate.)

    "The Price of Victory" really is a different reading experience. I enjoyed it so much.

    BTW: It’s about time for a new book, isn’t it?


  5. I just started reading The Price of Victory and I'm hooked. Your review tells me I'll enjoy every minute spent with Sandra's story. Thanks, Vince, for your appreciation of romance novels. See you in Seekerville!

  6. Hi Janet:

    I'm a little late getting back. I hope by now you've enjoyed reading the book. Thanks for your comment.