Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kate Hardy’s Opening is So Good I Just Wanted to Scream!

It’s Not Fair to Write a Book This Good!  I Believe “Italian Doctor, NoStrings Attached” Would Win Every Writing Contest it Entered!

Kate Hardy
Harlequin Medical Romance
On sale date: Oct 1, 2011
Publication date: Oct 1, 2011
Category:  Classic Romance

No Heroine Was Ever Treated Better!

Here’s how the book starts: 

"FACE the fear. 
   Sydney faced the fear every single day of her life. Every day she made life-or-death decisions. Abseiling* down the tower of the London Victoria hospital, to raise funds for specialist equipment for the emergency department, should be a breeze. She had a sheet full of sponsor signatures, with a large amount of money at stake. There was no question that she wouldn’t do it. How could she possiblty back out now?
   But then she looked down. Over the edge. There was a white stone cornice and then…nothing.
   For two hundered and fifty feet.
  Back in the department, two months ago, this had seemed like a brilliant idea. Right here and now, she knew it was the most stupid, ridiculous thing she’d ever done. She sneaked another look at the edge, hoping that her fairy godmother was passing with some sparkly dust and the drop would look a bit less scary.
    It didn’t.
    And there was no way that she could make herself walk backwards over the edge."

* British for rappelling.

But then the hero, ER doctor, Marco Ranieri, whom the heroine has not met before, calmly sings her over the edge. A miracle!

Thus begins an instantaneous whirlwind love affair that spans London and Italy. This is the ideal romance in which to vicariously be the heroine. Sydney is wined, dinned, and treated like a queen. She is truly loved. Never was a hero more worthy, more honorable, more loving. The conflict does not come from the hero and heroine arguing with each other as in many romances. The conflict comes from the heroine’s medical condition. The medical components of this story are excellent. It's a great story. 

I don’t have to say much about this story because the opening is as good as it gets, the hero is ideal, the heroine totally sympathetic, and the level of reading enjoyment is off the charts. Just read it! (If you’re an aspiring writer: just read it and weep. : )) 

Ladies: You’ll Want to be this Heroine! 5-Star Everything!

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