Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #17

The hero and heroine have just shared their first kiss and are in the glow of shared intimacy. 

John holds Mary in his arms. It’s as if everything that is precious and desirable is encircled between his hands. Mary’s head comes up to just under John’s chin. He presses her closer so he can feel her heart beating ever faster. 

Mary moves. John readjusts his embrace. They both move again and again. More readjustments. Then comes the realization. 

“Mary, we don’t fit together very well at all.” 

“I noticed that. I’m either too short or you’re too tall.” 

“It could be a combination of both.” 

“I am so sorry that we don’t fit together as if we were made only for each other.” 

“I am too. I’ve never experienced such a bad fit with a woman before.” 

“What could have been.” 

“Yes, what could have been.” 

The End.

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