Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Totally Addictive! Delightfully Unpredictable!

Real World’ Christian Fiction…

Staunchly Traditional…Boldly Passionate

Five Star Excellence!

A Passion Most Pure”, First Book in the “Daughters of Boston” Series 
Julie Lessman, 
Revell, Copyright 2008, 477 pages

“A Passion Most Pure” is a big book -- bursting with surprises page after page. Every time I thought I knew where the story was headed, the story changed again. I’ve reviewed over 1,000 romances and none of them adequately prepared me for the “Daughter’s of Boston” series.

Christian Romance with a Difference

“A Passion Most Pure” is a Christian romance with an importance difference. The men and women featured are ‘Real World’ Christians. These are Christians with heated passions, facing genuine temptations, who still, with the power of their faith, manage to do the right thing. Some reviewers may call this ‘edgy’. I call it “Real World” Christian fiction.

Learning from Four Generations

In “A Passion Most Pure” the reader meets four generations of the same family. Each generation faces a different set of challenges and yet each demonstrates the rewards of living a principled Christian life.

A Moral Compass that Never Preaches

While “A Passion Most Pure” never preaches to the reader, it does mirror the kind of moral behavior that Christians will appreciate. This is an important Christian book. There are many inspiration romances that tell the story of Christians who find love. “A Passion Most Pure” goes further than this by showing how God’s love and living the authentic Christian life provides the grace to be fully human and fully alive.

Young Adults Will Love This Book, Too!

Young adults especially will find this book fascinating. As the story opens, in the summer of 1916, the ‘heroines’ are just 16 and 18 years old. I say, ‘heroines’ because the reader can not be sure just who the heroine of the story really is -- nor can the reader be certain who the hero will eventually turn out to be!

A Delightful Challenge to Romance Fans!

“A Passion Most Pure” poses a delightful challenge to romance fans who have been conditioned to anticipate predictable happy endings. The reader simply has to wait until the final curtain before the uncertainties raised in “A Passion Most Pure” are resolved. These uncertainties make the story more like real life and less like fiction.

Expect the Unexpected!

Be prepared to expect the unexpected. “A Passion Most Pure” is challenging. Even though the book is 477 pages long, the reader won’t encounter a typically slow ‘falling-in-love’ episode. As early as page one, both ‘heroines’ have been in love with the same hero for many years.

A Timeless Tale

You might wonder how a story with such young heroines can capture the interest of a mature reader. That’s easy. In addition to being a boldly passionate romance, “A Passion Most Pure” is also the story of an extended family. Featured are many characters of different ages who are living a purposeful Christian life. There are the young lovers to be sure, but there is also the continuing, lifelong, romance of parents, grandparents, and there’s even a great-grandparent. The reader experiences many different challenges that a Christian faces at each stage of life. This is a theme that is universal and timeless.

Two Sisters in Turmoil

“Sisters are overrated,” the book begins. These may be the most foretelling three words I’ve ever read to begin a romance. For “A Passion Most Pure” involves two sisters in competition for the same things: the love of their father and the love of the same man. The story visits three countries: America, Ireland, and France. The reader can actually ‘feel’ World War I approaching as the news reverberates through the hearts and minds of two of the main characters: newsmen on the Boston Herald.

The Horror & Absurdity of Trench Warfare

The exceptional skill of the author becomes evident in her portrayal of WWI trench warfare. In very few words the reader sees, feels, smells and experiences the sudden terror and acute boredom of life in the trenches. Soldiers watch their comrades die of disease and shrapnel wounds during the day. Then at night they visit Paris night clubs. The futility and absurdity of WWI trench warfare (near Paris) is captured in amazingly few words.

A Most Wonderful & Worthwhile Book

“A Passion Most Pure” is a most wonderful and worthwhile book for readers of all ages. While I wouldn’t expect a young person to grasp every experience of value “A Passion Most Pure” offers, I believe it is a book readers will carry in their hearts for a long time – perhaps even for a lifetime.

More Blessings to Come

If you love “A Passion Most Pure” as much as I do, then you’ll be glad to know there are two more books in the “Daughters of Boston” series: “A Passion Redeemed” and “A Passion Denied”. These are available right now.