Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“People have it backwards: it's reality that makes things up. Reality has no problem with coincidences, fiction does.”
                                                                    Vince Mooney

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“The difference between reality and fiction is like the difference between a real person and paper with ink on it.”
                             Vince Mooney

Monday, August 29, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #11

Sammie, the heroine, is talking to her best friend Mary about the hero, John.

“I need to do something. John only sees me as one of the guys. I’m his best buddy but he never looks at me as a girlfriend.”

“Well, you were on John’s football team in high school. The only girl in the state.”

“I was a place kicker. That’s different. It’s not like I was some giant lineman.”

“And you are the chief mechanic on his stock car racing team.”

“My father had the same job. He taught me. What was I supposed to do?”

“You could let your hair grow long and wear dresses. That might help.”

“Change? No way! I want a man who will love me for who I am.”

“You’ve already accomplished that. John loves you as a buddy.”

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Fiction places more demands on reality than reality places on fiction.”
                                            Vince Mooney

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #10

Mary is talking to her best friend Jane about Mary’s love for, John, the hero, who is six years older than she is.

“The problem is he still sees me as Brad’s little bratty sister. He just doesn’t see me as a woman.”

“Well, you could try the nuclear option.”

“What’s that?”

“You could ‘accidently’ let him see you naked.”

“Not a good idea. I’m not exactly voluptuous. He might start thinking of me as a boy.”
“Don’t be silly, Mary. Maybe you could bake him a cake?”

“John is a gourmet chef. Cooking will only show up my shortcomings.”

“This is tough. You don’t happen to have a ‘hidden child’ do you?”

“Not unless I’ve had a 'hidden' year of amnesia.”

“That would work.”

“Forget it!”

“Then I don’t know what to do.”

“It think I feel sick.” 

"That only works with doctors not chefs. Oh, unless, you mean 'morning' sick, sick?"

"No, I mean really sick, sick!"

“What do you think is wrong?”

“I think it’s a case of early-onset ‘black moment’."

"Then there's only one thing to do as far as I can tell."

"What's that?"

"We've got to call James Scott Bell."


Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“My problem is not finding time to write; it’s finding time to do everything else.”
                                                       Vince Mooney

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“When publishers talk about finding new writers, they are also talking about replacing some of their current authors. New writers are really competing against published authors. That’s why it’s so important to develop profession work habits before you publish.”
                                                                                        Vince Mooney

Friday, August 26, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

How-to-Write books, like anatomy books, can tell you where everything goes but they can't breathe life into their subjects.”
                                                           Vince Mooney

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #9

Mary, the heroine, is ready to call the romance off and asks John, the hero, in for a talk.

“We’ve got to talk”, Mary says.

“Nothing good ever comes out of ‘We have to talk’ talk.”

“Nonetheless, it’s time we stop seeing each other. I could never marry a nonbeliever.”

“But I am a believer! I just don’t believe the same things you do.”

“It’s your false beliefs that make you a nonbeliever.”

“Well let me tell you this: I’m a nonbeliever in something that is certainly true.”

“And what would that be?”

“I don’t believe that I’ve ever asked you to marry me and I don’t believe I ever will.”

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

 “A writer’s ‘voice’ is something akin to a foreign accent:  it’s something you recognize in the sound rather than the sound itself.”
                                              Vince Mooney

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“It’s not just about the words. It’s about the reader’s reaction to those words. Proof read as a reader considering the connotation of each word. Words are felt as well as understood.”
                     Vince Mooney

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #8

The heroine is a 30 year old widow who has just decided to call off the relationship and confront the hero.

“John, as much as I love you, I couldn’t withstand the pain of losing another husband. We can’t go on. I think this is the last time we should see each other.”

“I think you're right, Mary, and I appreciate your honesty.”

“You do?”

“Absolutely. I’m a businessman. I’m trained to think in terms of risk/reward ratios. You must ask yourself:  is the risk worth the reward?”

"I must?”

"I love you enough Mary to give my life protecting yours. Mine is the ‘no greater love’ type of love mentioned in the Bible.”

“It is?”

“Yes it is, Mary. But your love will not allow you to risk even the possiblity of being hurt again. That’s not much of a love.”

“But I do love you.”

“We must love ourselves before we can love others. I deserve a full love from the one I devote my life to. Not a partial love. You have opened my eyes to what I didn’t see before. We are not right for each other. When you find your true love, you will risk anything. Even your very life. The risk will be well worth the reward and you will know it without thinking. It will be a certainty in your soul. Have a nice life Mary. I will pray for you to find happiness.”

Black moment.

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Writers would do well to remember the old saying, ‘You can tell a person by the friends they keep.'  Friends can ‘show’ what the writer does not want to ‘tell’ but the friends must be as real as the main characters or it all becomes artifice .”
                                                                                     Vince Mooney

Monday, August 22, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Talent will only get a writer just so far; yea, like the last little distance over the finish line.”
                           Vince Mooney

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #7

The hero, an alpha male, billionaire, tells the heroine that she has to marry him to save her father’s business and their family home. The father owes the hero more money than he could ever repay.

“Let me get this straight, I marry you and you forgive my father’s debt?”


“What business sense does that make?” 

“As your father says, I have a fortune but no bride. If I trade the debt for you, I’ll have a bride and still have my fortune.” 

“But that’s crazy! You’re rich and powerful. Why don’t you select a bride who comes with a dowry? Then you’ll have both a wife and an even bigger  fortune.” 

“This is also about revenge. You’re father was a bitter competitor for years.”

“Revenge? It will be about revenge alright. Do you know what they call me at home?”


“'Kate the Shrew'. It will be my father who is getting revenge on you. Do you know how high maintenance I am?”

“Why would you tell me this? Do you hate your father that much?”

“It’s not that I hate my father more but that I hate you less.”

“But your father will lose everything.”

“He deserves to lose everything. He inherited his money and he’s never paid for any of his mistakes in his entire life. It's about time he paid.”

“So you hate me less? Does that mean you might like me in some small way?”

“You’re a handsome, bad boy, alpha male, billionaire -- what’s not to like?”

“You’re one smart lady. What would you recommend I do?”

“I’d tell my father to take his deal and shove it and then I’d ask me to marry you. Then you’d have me and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.” 

“Just how high maintenance are you, anyway?”

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #6

The hero is driving his convertible sports car on a country road when he sees a woman in a white dress running up ahead.

He drives up along side her and says: “Lady, why are you jogging in a wedding dress?”

“I’m not jogging. I’m a runaway bride.”

“You do understand don’t you that you don’t literally have to be running to be a runaway bride?”

“I know that but sometimes I think God is a pantser making me do things that don’t make a lot of sense.” 

“Hop in and I’ll give you a ride somewhere.” 

“If I get in your car, you’ll have to marry me.” 

“That would be inconvenient.” 

“I’m a runaway bride, this has nothing to do with a marriage of convenience.”

“That’s not what I meant. I’m still married to the last runaway bride I picked up.”

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #5

The hero and his best friend are watching a football game when the doorbell rings.

The friend goes to the door.

Bob, you’ve got a baby on your doorstep.”

“A baby what?”

“A human baby with black wavy hair like yours.”

“Bring him in while I call 911”.

“What is the nature of your emergency?”

“I need to know the location of one of those ‘no questions asked’ baby drop-off places”.

“Bob! He might be your baby!”

“Good thinking, Hal. I better check something.”

“Sir, can you tell me if those baby drop-off places are really anonymous?”

“Bob, what kind of hero are you?”

“I’m a hero with a stalker.”

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“I categorize books by insights and feelings not by plots or outcomes.”
                                                      Vince Mooney

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #4

After two lines appear on her pregnancy test the heroine hands it to her best friend.

Bard will feel duty bound to marry you now.”

“I know, that’s the way Marine officers are”.

“You will hold out for love, won’t you?”

“Are you mad? Duty is more durable than love. Marines don’t 'fall out of duty'. Let’s find a dress.

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“I write 'reader-driven' stories that pull the reader to the climax by using the power of anticipation."         
                                                          Vince Mooney

Scenes I’d Like to see in a Romance #3

While in a grocery store the hero and heroine are approached by another shopped. The shopper looks at the hero’s 'hidden' child and says:

“Why your son looks just like you.”

The heroine drops her chin to her chest.

“Actually most of the family thinks he looks just like my brother.”

The heroine punches him in the arm.

“You rat, you knew all along!”

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #2

After a passionate first kiss between the hero and heroine, the romance savvy hero says:

Did that make your toes curl?”

 "Yes", says the fiesty heroine, "but don’t get too excited. I have naturally curly toes.”

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #1

After a first kiss between the hero and heroine, who are trying not to fall in love, (they have been hurt in the past)  the hero says:

Before we get into the ‘this can never happen again’ song and dance, may I kiss you again?”

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

My publicity efforts are so effective that for each person who actually comes to one of my book signings, 10,000 other people have heard about me and the title of my book through various media announcements.”
                                                                                                 Vince Mooney

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"May on the Way" -- The Perfect Book for a Child to Read or to Read to a Child!

Here’s a Book a Child Will Love! It Expresses all the Right Values: Love, Respect, Patriotism, Courage, Honor, Duty & Caring.

All wrapped up in an adventure sure to please both young and old!

“May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy”
KC Frantzen
Illustrated by Tailefer Long
RushJoy Press
Hardcover, Fully Illustrated, 208 pages

“A book worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then.” C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was right. The best children's books are equally enjoyed by adults. "May on the Way" can be read on three levels and enjoyed on each. A very young child will like the antics of the feisty heroine, May, a Schnauzer with a keen sense of conscience. The older child will enjoy the spy adventure with the characters facing a 'coming of age' in that they must face their fears. The adult reader will see serious topics being treated in a way that a young person can appriciate.

A Wonderful Book to Read to a Child

The book is written in the 'first-dog point of view' (That's like first-person POV). So the whole story is experienced through the eyes and nose of, May, the heroine. I trained K9 dogs in the Air Force for a number of years and May's view of the world even amazed me. I kept thinking: "Yes that's how a dog would experience things".  (I provided some K9 technical advice to the author but she really didn't need any. KC Frantzen understands dogs like no other author I've read.)

A World of Fun Voices

If you like doing different voices when reading to a child, "May on the Way" will be a feast! There are many talking animals as well as both good and bad adults. If you can do the voices, I can promise you a child will be entranced. Great fun.

Good Reading for Children to Read Themselves

The text is well written and respectful of the young person's reading ability. There is a unique balance in this story between the innocence of the young heroine and the evil nature of the villians. While the primary purpose of the story is to fight terrorism and do it with courage and intelligence, there is also the goal of finding a home and being part of a family. In the story May faces danger with courage, does her duty, and is a loyal friend to those around her. This story has the 'right stuff'. I just loved it.

"May on the Way" -- a Book a Child Will Love That Expresses All the Right Values!

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Write like a writer but think like a reader.”
                                                  Vince Mooney

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Debut Novel Has Enough ‘Good Stuff’ to Fill Five Romances! 5-Stars!

No Way Could a Publisher Not Buy this Book!

Everything a Reader Could Want in a Medical Romance…and More!

Harlequin Medical Romance
On sale date: Aug 1, 2011

“When One Night Isn’t Enough” proves my theory that to be published today by a major publisher, a debut novel has to stand out with 5-Star quality. This book is far better than the average romance. If you like medical facts and situations, as I do, you’ll get dozens of them in “When One Night Isn’t Enough”!
In addition to a variety of ER emergencies, there are plenty of medical incidents outside the ER.
If you like passion, “When One Night Isn’t Enough,” serves it up with a blaze of excitement! This is not a romance for the bashful. As for romantic conflict, both hero and heroine have reasonable cause to spar with the each other.

If you enjoy likeable secondary characters, there’s a full cast. Actually, it seems like everything that would make a novel better has been added to this story!
High Energy Writing!
Almost every paragraph zings with high energy writing. Where events might otherwise be straight forwardly described, Wendy writes with refreshing zest!  Quotes from the book:
“His blue scrub-covered legs and red rubber clogs entered her peripheral vision. He pulled out the chair beside her and sat down, brushing his arm against hers. No doubt on purpose, the rat.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” Dr. Jared Padget said.

“You’re hardly worth the effort it would take to avoid you.” Although, in truth, she was.  
“Come on, Ali Kitten.” He snatched her pen. “You know you’re going to miss me.”

“About as much as I’d miss a painful hemorrhoid,” she said, glaring at him from the corners of her eyes."

There is never a dull moment. There is a foundation for every conflict, a motive for every action, and there's always a surprise waiting on the next page!

Canadian Spoken Here
Most fun of all – the story takes place in America! With specialists, nurses, and every medical term in American English!

American Spoken Here
Wendy Marcus is a wonderful addition to the talented staff of Harlequin Medical Romance authors.

Wendy is great but will she be able to do it again? She used up five romances worth of good ideas, characters, and situations in "When One Night Isn't Enough". That seems to be what an author has to do to get published today. I can't wait to read the next Marcus book. I understand that it will be about Ali's good friend Victoria's romance.

If you like Medical Romances, don’t miss this one. But be aware, this one, is deliciously, hot, hot, hot!  Available Now on Three Continents!

Australia Edition

UK Edition

Debut Novel Has Enough ‘Good Stuff’ to Fill Five Romances! 5-Stars!

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“The problem with writing contests is that some of the bugaboos that bother judges, don’t bother readers and vice versa.”    Vince Mooney

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Conflict! A Heartwarming Romance You Can Believe In!

The Award Winning "Canyon Springs" Series Continues with At Home in His Heart”!
Glynna Kaye
Paperback: 224 pages
Love Inspired July
Also available as a Kindle book

Bryce Harding, the hero in this story, did his best to talk his best friend, Keith, out of marrying, Sandi Bradshaw, the heroine. Sandi knows he did this and she is very upset that Bryce’s interference delayed the marriage by months. This is important because Keith was soon killed in the war. Sandi would have liked more time with him; time she didn't get because of those missing months Bryce’s interference denied them. In their short marriage Keith and Sandi did manage to have a daughter, Gina.

Bryce knew that Sandi was way too bossy for any man to live with…and she was! But Keith loved Sandi and took her bossiness as a challenge. It didn’t bother him.  Bryce has a well earned bad reputation for his past actions but he has recently found the Lord and is a changed man.

When Bryce’s grandma, Mae, becomes disabled and can’t live alone, Bryce leaves the Army and moves in with her in Canyon Springs where Sandi still lives. Bryce is a big bear of a man with a bread and rugged ways. He makes me think of Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Canyon
Of course, Bryce and Sandi are at odds but Bryce is her landlord and they have to interact. This leads to lots of sparks because the conflict is so real and well founded. Both Sandi and Bryce are flawed and both have good reasons to dislike the other. Bringing these two together is a real challenge and a joy to read.

“At Home in His Heart” is the third book in the "Canyon Springs" Series with at least one more book to come. The location is beautiful, the people interesting, and the story situations highly original. The series already has its share of awards and commendations.  “At Home in His Heart” -- and the whole series of books -- have earned my highest recommendation.

Read the Review of Book 1: “Dreaming of Home” – A Book So Good the Review Predicted it would be an Award Winner!

Original, Intense, Heartwarming, Believable!
Highest Recommendation!

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

"I was writing before I could read. I’d fill notebooks with scribbles and my mother would pretend to read them to me."
                                            Vince Mooney

Monday, August 15, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Writers should learn all they can from other authors but then they should write in such a way that only they could have written it.”
                                          Vince Mooney

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Writers should avoid digital thinking. Life is not ‘either-or’. Even in shades of gray, life offers infinitely more.”
                                                        Vince Mooney

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Writer’s Block is like a letter from your doctor getting you off work when you’re not sick.”
Vince Mooney

Friday, August 12, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“It never ceases to amaze me how people who know nothing about history can spot the errors in historical fiction.” 
                                           Vince Mooney

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Write your book as if your goal is to get readers to read it over and over again. Make reading it that rewarding!”
                      Vince Mooney

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

“Editors, like customers, are always right – except we know they’re not.”
                                      Vince Mooney