Monday, August 22, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #7

The hero, an alpha male, billionaire, tells the heroine that she has to marry him to save her father’s business and their family home. The father owes the hero more money than he could ever repay.

“Let me get this straight, I marry you and you forgive my father’s debt?”


“What business sense does that make?” 

“As your father says, I have a fortune but no bride. If I trade the debt for you, I’ll have a bride and still have my fortune.” 

“But that’s crazy! You’re rich and powerful. Why don’t you select a bride who comes with a dowry? Then you’ll have both a wife and an even bigger  fortune.” 

“This is also about revenge. You’re father was a bitter competitor for years.”

“Revenge? It will be about revenge alright. Do you know what they call me at home?”


“'Kate the Shrew'. It will be my father who is getting revenge on you. Do you know how high maintenance I am?”

“Why would you tell me this? Do you hate your father that much?”

“It’s not that I hate my father more but that I hate you less.”

“But your father will lose everything.”

“He deserves to lose everything. He inherited his money and he’s never paid for any of his mistakes in his entire life. It's about time he paid.”

“So you hate me less? Does that mean you might like me in some small way?”

“You’re a handsome, bad boy, alpha male, billionaire -- what’s not to like?”

“You’re one smart lady. What would you recommend I do?”

“I’d tell my father to take his deal and shove it and then I’d ask me to marry you. Then you’d have me and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.” 

“Just how high maintenance are you, anyway?”

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