Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scenes I’d Like to See in a Romance #5

The hero and his best friend are watching a football game when the doorbell rings.

The friend goes to the door.

Bob, you’ve got a baby on your doorstep.”

“A baby what?”

“A human baby with black wavy hair like yours.”

“Bring him in while I call 911”.

“What is the nature of your emergency?”

“I need to know the location of one of those ‘no questions asked’ baby drop-off places”.

“Bob! He might be your baby!”

“Good thinking, Hal. I better check something.”

“Sir, can you tell me if those baby drop-off places are really anonymous?”

“Bob, what kind of hero are you?”

“I’m a hero with a stalker.”


  1. This would be great in romantic comedy novel.

  2. Hi Marlena:

    That's what I like to write: romantic comedy.