Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Happens If Both The Bride and The Groom Runaway from the Wedding Ceremony?

“His Runaway Bride”
by Liz Fielding

You might think this is a silly, light hearted, romantic comedy. You’d be wrong. The author actually crafts a detailed scenario in which the story is not only believable but likely!

It’s a solid romance. Both the bride and groom have ample motivation for getting cold feet and fleeing the church. To get back together again will take a complete reevaluation of each of their lives.

How the hero and heroine find themselves and then rediscover each other is what “His Runaway Bride” is all about. Most of the story takes in England with a little time spend in the Caribbean. 

This book is a new eBook release of the 2001 romance. The story is still as fresh and new as if it were written yesterday. The world is changing. More and more authors are having their entire backlist of books made available as eBooks. Now if you like an author, as I do Liz Fielding, you have instantly available dozens of her books, at low prices, and without shipping charges.

Authors Who Compete With Themselves!

Authors will a large backlist of books may well become their own biggest competition! No matter how many new books come on the market, a reader still only has a limited time to read books. The world is indeed changing.

I highly recommend “His Runaway Bride” as an excellent romance – but I should add that the runaway bride is one of my favorite themes.

Highly Recommended!

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