Tuesday, May 17, 2011

‘Restless Writer’ Stirs up Fun & Fudge!

Second Book in New Series
Small-Town Hearts” is this Author’s Amazing Fifth Book!

Small-Town Hearts
by Ruth Logan Herne
Love Inspired
On sale date: May 1, 2011
Publication date: Jun 1, 2011
Miniseries: Men of Allegany County

Ruth Logan Herne is like a baseball pitcher with at least five different major league pitches. I can’t get comfortable at the plate. I don’t know what to expect next in her books but I know it’s going to be good. I consider Ruth the ‘Restless Writer’ – willing to take on any theme and ride any challenge.

“Small-Town Hearts” is as sweet as the cover art. The heroine, Megan Russo, is a candy maker in a quaint little town where Megan and some other locals dress in 19th Century clothing. She even speaks in old English. No it’s not Williamsburg – it’s much further north in, Jamison, New York.

Megan has issues with men. Her first fiance had to call off the marriage when he got another girl pregnant and her second fiance sent her a text message calling the wedding off. She has had it with men but that just makes her want a man even more! She can’t help herself and her biological clock keeps ticking.

There is a lot of stress and conflicting emotions in “Small-Town Hearts”.

The hero, Danny Graham , is an executive in a large candy company, Grandma Mary’s, (think See’s) in fact, he is the grandson of the founders and will someday inherit the business. Danny is a nice guy but he is in town to pick a location for a Grandma Mary’s tribute store. Mary is from Jamison. So while Danny is fascinated by Megan’s cute ways, period clothing, and old English speech, he knows that he will most likely put her struggling business out of business. Yet he is very attracted to her. Megan is also very attracted to Danny and she is forever making resolutions to avoid him but then doing what is necessary to see him.

Megan is a very interesting character.

As in all Herne’s books there are abundant story lines that add to the conflict and establish multiple motivations for each of the character's actions.

While “Small Town Hearts” is not a romantic comedy, it’s just as much fun. This is a very enjoyable book to read from start to finish.

About the finish: This is a genuine fun book. The ‘stand-up and cheer’ ending involves the whole town! You’ll remember this ending for a long time.

BONUS: at the end of the book there is the heroine’s secret candy recipe: Meg’s Allegany Maple Fudge. I must say that I, a mere man, made this fudge with no help and it came out perfect the first time! Everyone who has tried it loves it! This recipe is wortht he price of the book. 

Perfect on First Try

To Die For Maple Fudge

"Small-Town Hearts":
Read it for the Enjoyment.
Buy it for the Maple Fudge!

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  1. HA, VINCE!!!!

    You rock, Dude! And yes, this book was different, it was definitely more "Ruthy-Lite" and so much fun to write. Oh my stars, that hero and heroine were just a hoot. Every now and again even I have to just have a little fun with a book!

    And the fudge.... Vince.... You made it! Isn't it wonderful???? And I love the pics, oh my stars, I'm going to be loving stealing these from you! Using them for my own selfish reasons.

    (In a more humble note...) Thank you, Vince. This book (and the cover) give the other side of Ruthy... and I'm so glad that Love Inspired allowed me the leeway to do that, but like all romance lines, they're always lookin' for ways to change things up. Not be predictable. Because by the very nature of category, it IS predictable.

    And hey, the Balloon Rally actually EXISTS....

    And the Beef Haus.... Oh my stars, great beef on Kimmelweck sandwiches. And Tina got to see Angelica NY on our cross-state tour. I based Jamison on Angelica and she just fell in love. It's just beautiful. Lovely. Everyone should visit there!

    Thanks, Dude. Loved the poem and your sage advice. Always a pleasure.

  2. I am going to try this recipe asap!!!!

  3. Hi Tina:

    The fudge came out perfect the first time! All I needed to do was use a thinner and longer knife to cut it. I’ve since made a second batch, with a better knife, and it is excellent. (I must say that I did use the cold water, softball, test that I saw on YouTube. Ruth has her timing down right.)

    Let us know on Seekerville how your's turns out.


  4. Hi Ruth:

    I know the fudge was great because the whole family wanted me to make a second batch as soon as the last piece was eaten. This is the same family that can’t get fudge right!

    I just knew it would be good.

    I wonder how Tina will make out with it.