Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Philosophy of Ethics & Redneck Etiquette

If you are a redneck...

1. It is improper to drive your tractor to the wedding – when you're the bride.

2. Your tractor is not a proper vehicle for a first date.

3. A box of OO-buck shells is not an appropriate gift at a shotgun wedding.

4. if you eat the last piece of chicken, you have to kill the next chicken.

5. it is inappropriate to be the best man at your ex-wife’s wedding unless you’re related to the groom.

6. it is inappropriate to pass out at a party while there is still liquor available.

7. it is inappropriate to throw beer bottles at women honkytonk singers if they are pregnant.

8. it is inappropriate to send Valentine cards to cousins -- if you used to be married to them.

9. it’s inappropriate to lend your handicap sticker to someone who is too drunk to park in the regular spaces.

10. it’s inappropriate to ask an author at a book signing if she’s written any real books. (Now that’s a real redneck!)

Special thanks to Mary Connealy – Romantic Comedy with Cowboys for inspiring this post!

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