Monday, May 23, 2011

Abigail Gordon Spins Another Magical Medical Romance!

“Bluebell Cove” is the Hero and the Heroine is the Author: Abigail Gordon!

Abigail Gordon
Harlequin Medical Romance
Miniseries: The Bluebell Cove Stories
Category: Classic Romance
Paperback & Kindle editions
Read the opening passages of “Wedding Bells for the Village Nurse,” and you’ll quickly see that the real hero in this book is the idyllic setting!

“When Jenna Balfour looked out of the window of the taxi as it cruised along the coast road on a Sunday afternoon in midsummer it was there down below, beautiful and changeless. A strip of golden sand where Atlantic breakers, white edged and powerful, forever staked their claim, and today, as was often the case, surfers were there to challenge them with boards at the ready.

“It had been her favorite place while she’d been growing up and nothing had changed while she’d been studying nursing at a London college. Every time she’d been home on vacation she’d gone down to the beach to surf within minutes of arriving home.”

I just love Abigail Gordon’s writing. She is bold and confident. She lets you know she is going to tell you a story, she sets the stage, fills in the facts, and then weaves her magic. Abigail Gordon is a modern day storyteller. Her stories alone keep the reader captivated. Her writing is free of artifice. Because she carefully sets the story up at the start, her short books provide a much richer ‘read’ that one usually only finds in books twice the length.

The story:

Of course, there is a real hero and heroine in “Wedding Bells for the Village Nurse.” The hero, Dr. Lucas Devereux is a top heart surgeon who was unjustly attacked and almost killed by an unhappy husband whose wife died on Devereux’s operating table. He has taken a simple job as doctor in the beautiful “Bluebell Cove” resort town in England in order to find peace of mind.

The heroine, Jenna Balfour, is a nurse returning home to Bluebell Cove when her mother becomes too disabled to take care of herself. Her mother was the head of the medical practice and never had any time for her daughter when she was going up.

How Lucas and Jenna find love and happiness is the rest of the story. There’s lots of medical action as you would expect in a Medical Romance.

Another Great Story by Abigail Gordon

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