Friday, August 27, 2010

"Wanted: Father for her Twins" -- Finalist for the 2010 “Book of the Year” in Australia!

Wanted: Father for her Twins
RUBY Finalist 2010

Emily Forbes

Available as a 2-in-1 special from
Mills & Boon
in the UK.
Also available as an eBook.)

To become a finalist for ‘Book of the Year,’ a romance needs something very special going for it! The book must clearly say, “This is it!” to the judges. I found Wanted: Father for her Twins to have that special something.

Sympathetic Heroine & Emotional Writing!

What I liked best about this book is the very sympathetic heroine, Rosie Jefferson. It won’t take many pages before you fall in love with Rosie and begin rooting for her. She’s a GP who has 'inherited' her sister’s twins when her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident. Rosie's whole life is turned upside down in one day. She gives up everything for the eight year old twins. The hero, Nick Masters, is a Kiwi and ENT specialist. He’s handsome and ideal father material. So far so good. The story is heartwarming and makes for great reading but there is more: the heroine’s internal conflict.

The Heroine vs the Heroine!

The internal monolog going on in the heroine’s head is the best I’ve read in a romance. The major conflict in this story might be said to be the heroine vs. the heroine. That's because what she wants most is also what could be the worse possible thing for her. It is fascinating to watch Rosie struggle with the idea of a romance at a time when a romance is last thing she should be preoccupied with.

The Perfect Hero...If!

Dr. Nick Masters would make a great father, husband, and helpmate but he has indicated that he has no intention of committing to a relationship any time soon. Should Rosie waste her time and risk her heart on a long shot who is likely to bring even more unhappiness into her life? It’s a tough decision but it’s intriguing to watch Rosie struggle with it.

Your Heartstrings Will Sing!

Emily Forbes is an expert at pulling on the reader’s heartstrings. In the very dramatic scene below, the boy twin, Charlie, is going to speak to Nick, his ENT doctor. This is very emotional because the boy suffers from a form of mutism. Charlie is in his bed and looking out the widow where he can see the stars. His mother and father were very recently killed.

“That’s my dad’s star. When Mum and Dad died, Lucy and I saw those stars shooting up to heaven. That smaller star, just next to Dad’s, is Mum. They’re always together.” Charlie was whispering now but in the stillness of the room Nick had no difficulty hearing him. “He can see me when I’m sleeping. He stays awake all night to watch me. I leave my curtains open so that when I wake up during the night I can see him.”

I love emotional writing like this. It makes this romance extra special.

"Wanted: Father For Her Twins" is one of the best books of the year!


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