Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is Just Too Good to be a Debut Novel!

But then, Sharon Archer’s Second Book, “Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way” Won Book of the Year in Australia!

I enjoy reading debut novels. I’m always looking for new authors to enjoy. “Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted”, however, didn’t read like a first novel. The writing style is fresh, characters engaging and the plot is particularly interesting.

The story opens with a bang! There’s an accident requiring a doctor and a veterinarian. The hero, GP, Matt Gardiner, is the doctor. The heroine, Caitlin Butler-Brown, is the vet. This makes for an exciting first meeting. The heroine sounds like she is from Ireland but she is really from the local area. Her dilemma: she has secrets she must reveal but which she fears to deliver.

Since “Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted” is a sweet romance, there are only a few kisses. Yet the passages where the hero and heroine fantasize about making love to each other are as passionate as the actual love scenes would be. I’d love to see the author also write for the “Short and Sexy” category as well.

The story takes place in Garrangay, Australia. Dr. Matt Gardiner lives with his foster mother and has a young son. His ex-wife is a self-centered, career woman, who wanted a career more than she wanted a husband or being a mother.

The heroine, Caitlin Butler-Brown, has a career centered mother who put her in a boarding school to get her out of the way. Caitlin’s mother and Matt’s ex-wife are two of a kind.

Caitlin has come to town the reveal a secret to a long lost relative. It is both bad news and good news. Caitlin sees only the bad news part and can’t bring herself to find the right time to reveal the secret. This situation creates both the strongest part of the plot and also the weakest. I personally would be eager to reveal this particular secret. So the plot didn’t work very well with me in this important respect. However, it might work well with other readers who think the way the author does. You have to read it and judge for yourself.

In any event, everything else about Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is 5-star quality. Sharon Archer shows great promise and is already an award winner. (I just wish the secret in the book would have had something to do with DNA and wanting to learn if you had an early death from a debilitating disease in your future.)

Outstanding Debut Novel! A Great Writing Future Ahead!

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