Thursday, August 19, 2010

"A Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby" Is So Good It should be Awarded 'Book of the Year'!

Actually It Did Win the RUBY --

Australia’s Highest 'Book of the Year' Award!

(R*BY = Romance Book of the Year).

What’s it like? Well, it won in the Short and Sexy category and it’s short and it sure is sexy, lusty and provocative! “A Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby provides a full range of emotional pyrotechnics! Instead of a love scene, you get a love chapter!

Think of all the great scenes from all the ‘keeper’ romances you’ve ever read. Now edit them down to create a single original new romance! Presto! You have “A Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby”. You have a romance that just screams ‘Award Winner’ on every page.

Oh, yes: if you’re a medical junkie and a big fan of “House” be prepared -- there’s enough medical terms and interesting medical conditions to fry your brain. I’m talking OD -- Optimally Diagnostic! (It’s a Medical for a reason.)

The story is about Nash, a 30 year old doctor, with the looks of a male model who falls for Maggie, a 40 year old nurse, who is just his type in everyway. It’s almost love at first sight but the hero can’t recognize it – he's never been in love before and doesn’t recognize the symptoms! To the heroine he is just a player looking for a conquest. She’s too smart at her age to place her heart on the line by robbing the cradle. But Nash is the perfect hero. And Maggie is the ideal heroine. Their mutual attraction is explosive. Their story reads like a long fuse leading up to the explosive ending. WOW!

I never read a “Book of the Year” Award winner that I agreed more with!

Don’t miss this book! And if you have not read a Medical book yet, you’re in for twice the fun! The Medical authors Rock!


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