Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way” Is So Good It Won “Book of the Year” in Australia!

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd (Large Print Books); Large print library ed edition (April 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0263210804
ISBN-13: 978-0263210804

This Title is Available as an eBook from Mills & Boon in Europe as a 2-in-1 Special.

2010 RUBY Winner "Short & Sweet" Category.

Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way”, by Sharon Archer is the RUBY book of the year in the ‘Short & Sweet’ category! (R*BY stands for ‘Romance Book of the Year’ and it is Australia’s highest Award!)

While “Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way”, may be ‘short & sweet’, it reads as a ‘big’, ‘emotional’ and ‘sexy’ story as well! I also believe it is a very interesting and thoughtful choice for Book of the Year.

The hero and heroine, Jack and Liz Campbell, are already married when the book opens. Jack is a firefighter in Australia who went to California to fight fires for six months. When he left he thought he would be divorced when he came back home. Jack doesn’t want any children but his wife, a doctor, does. When he comes back home, he finds that his wife is six month’s pregnant. Jack has strong reasons why he does not want children but they are too painful to talk about.

So far I think this makes for a solid, traditional, Medical love story. What makes the book an award winner, in my opinion, is the amazingly insightful depiction of the heroine’s moment by moment pregnancy experience. In vivid detail the reader experiences the heroine’s joys, pains, doubts and insecurities. Then there are the mood changes, the fears, the tears, the guilt, the anger, or in the words of Zorba the Greek: ‘the whole catastrophe’ -- of being pregnant.

This is serious writing. As a man, I found it sensitive and very enlightening. It is sweet in that the hero tries so hard to make everything right and to be romantic again. I think women will love the hero and relate to the heroine.

I must say that for a “sweet” romance there is an overwhelming degree of lust, desire, and longing. It is also what I would consider a highly psychological novel. But then it is a Medical romance. If you are looking for action, there’s plenty of danger with the hero being a hero. The book has everything!

I can see why judges would give “Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way”, the nod. I have not read a romance like it before and it is not a book I’ll likely forget.

A very unique “Book of the Year” that you won’t soon forget.

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