Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“Highland Blessings” Is Inspiring Christian Fiction!

Highland Blessings

by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Published by Abingdon Press

A Heroine Like the Sun – Brilliant & the Center of Events!

“Highland Blessings” opens in April 1473 as history opens a new chapter throughout Europe! Leonardo di Vinci turns 21 this very month, Christopher Columbus begins sailor school and Nicolaus Copernicus is just thee weeks old. The Sistine Chapel is completed. It will soon be made famous by Michelangelo.

Change is in the air!

Change will also come to Scotland but as “Highland Blessings” opens, the old Scottish ways are still firmly in place in the northlands. It may be the end of an era but it’s also a last look at everything that makes the medieval period so beloved to historical fiction enthusiasts.

“Highland Blessings” is an appropriate title because the book is about the blessings bestowed on those faithful souls who trust in God, are faithful in the face of adversity, and who are true to themselves as well as loyal to their clan.

While “Highland Blessings” is packed with action, it is not “Braveheart”. It’s not about battles and wars. It’s about finding peace and the courage it takes to keep the peace. It’s about love and sacrifice. It’s about one of the most memorable heroines in historical romances.

The Story

The story opens with the kidnapping of the heroine, Akira, on her wedding day. Her intended does not try to rescue her from the rival clan kidnappers. She is forced into a marriage arranged years before by her father and the head of the enemy clan. It’s a marriage designed to end decades of strife. While this is all well and good for a Highland romance, what makes “Highland Blessings” extra special is the heroine, Akira.

Like many romance heroines, Akira is at the center of the love story but unlike most other heroines, she is also at the center of the larger world she lives in. She is also an amazing young woman:

She’s a healer.
She’s a teacher.
She’s a diplomat.
She’s a swordsman.
She’s a believer.
She’s a seeker of peace.

Akira is all these things with a passion that rings true throughout the entire story. She’s also a real woman. She fears and trembles at the thought of being whipped. She’s deeply hurt when disappointed. In her world she has the beauty of Helen of Troy but unlike Helen she’s fully willing to take up the sword and fight. She has the passion of Joan of Arc but she is also the heroine in a love story and deeply in love with the hero. Akira is one of my all time favorite romance heroines.

“Highland Blessings” is the story of an entire people who share in the beauty and blessings of their Lady, Akira. A must read for Highland fans! I just loved it!

Highland Blessings” Christian Fiction at its Historical Best!


  1. The book sounds amazing. The premise is difficult to pull off. Readers who like a strong female character like this may also like my newest release. Please visit my blog and leave a comment. Thanks!

  2. Hi David:

    I didn't see any place to leave a comment on your website. BTW: is your book a YA or middle grade or other? Thanks for dropping by.