Sunday, November 3, 2013

“[Romanace-ology 101]”– The Indispensible ‘How-to’ Book for Putting the Passion in Romance Novels!

Large format 8 ½” x 11” print $6.29
Kindle $2.99
What do you get when you combine a genuine romance writing expert with someone who can also teach with the best of them? You get the best writing advice with the best examples in the industry!  You get Romance-ology-101.
Julie Lessman is the acknowledge expert in "Edgy" Christian fiction. She can put more passion in a sweet love scene than any censor could possibly imagine!
Now in "Romance-ology" she tells the world of romance writers and fans exactly how to do it! Better yet, because of the generosity of her publisher, Revell, the reader gets to enjoy far more quoted examples than `fair usage' would ever allow.
Julie Lessman first tells you how to do something and then she provides great examples of how to do it. Each is a real in-depth example providing the full context needed for a thorough understanding of the subject.
One look at the table of contents will tell you more about the book than a much longer review could. This is a big book. It's printed on large  8 1/2"x11" paper. The print book is on high quality paper. The Kindle version keeps all the many illustrations - an expensive option many Kindle books don't do. If this book were printed in the normal paperback book size it would be about four times longer. Don't let the low price make you think this is a light book. It's not. It is a solid book on how to write a romance with excitement and passion.
Check the table of contents:
A Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss:
Tips to Escalate Romantic Tension
Chapter One: Getting inside the Hero's Head with Internal Monologue
Chapter Two: Maximizing Use of Beats in Dialogue
Chapter Three: Effectively Using Dialogue to Escalate Tension
Chapter Four: Utilizing Dual Point of View Chapter Five: Escalating Romantic Tension with Anger
Chapter Six: Using All Five Senses for Heightened Effect
Chapter Seven: Cashing In on the Kid and Pet Factor
Chapter Eight: Enhancing Mood with Emotionally Charged Words/ Verbs
Chapter Nine: Capitalizing on the Element of Surprise
Chapter Ten: Exposing Desire in an Unwilling Character Chapter Eleven: Immediate Hero/ Heroine Confrontation
Chapter Twelve: Making the Most of Touch and Response
Chapter Thirteen: Implementing the
Concept of Forbidden Fruit
Chapter Fourteen: Words with a Hint of Taboo
Chapter Fifteen: Appropriate "Bleep" Words for Inspirational Romance
Chapter Sixteen:
KISS-ology 101:
The Many Faces of a Kiss
The Accidental Kiss
The Caveman Kiss
The Coaxing Kiss
The Kiss-and-Make-Up Kiss
The Kiss of Desperation
The Mental Kiss
The Mistaken-Identity Kiss
The Non-Kiss
The Stake-a-Claim Kiss
The Surrogate Kiss
If you learn and truly understand the lessons in this book, then you also will understand much of what is needed to write successful fiction.
Romance-ology 101 is one of the best "How to" write books on the market. I have not seen an author, who was at the top of her game, take the time to write a book to tell others how to do what she does so well that it makes her books so beloved!  Certainly, I've never seen one that was so rich in examples.  I'm a big believer in learning by example. Julie Lessman tells but then she also shows, shows, and shows. I just love it!
Here's a little secret the author probably never thought of:
As much as Romance-ology 101 can help sweet inspiration Christian writers add passion to their love stories, it will be ten times more powerful to `hot' romance writers!
Putting passion in a sweet romance is wonderful because many of the `sweet' romance readers don't expect to see any passion in any event. However putting passion in an erotic novel is one of the hardest things for a writer to do. When you are allowed to write explicit love scenes the prose can become mechanical and sound even `clinical' to the reader. So many 'hot' love scenes read the same book after book because the action itself is so often the same. What an erotic writer needs most is a way to up the passion and love factors and Romance-ology 101 is all about how to do this!
When the hot romance authors learn of this book and how much it can inspire their writing, Romance-ology 101 is going to Blaze a new trail through the night sky of romance! (But don't tell Julie Lessman about this!)
This book is so good that I bought five copies. One for myself and four copies to give my romance writing friends for Christmas. It's a present that will pay big dividends all year long.
Disclosure: I am mentioned in the book a few times as a character playing himself. Other romance fans are also mentioned in the book. In Romance-ology 101 the author, Julie Lessman, displays a ironic sense of humor I don't believe anyone has seen in her writing up to now.
[Romance-ology 101] -- It's a 5-Star Education in Passion!


  1. Great! I'll be looking for your review on Amazon. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Good points Vince. Just found out I can find you even here in Spain.

  3. Hi Sandra:

    I didn't know I was in Spain. You've been there so long are you going to have to apply for a green card? : )


  4. Thanks for this review, Vince. It is definitely on my TO BUY list, since I didn't win it the other day in Seekerville. BTW, I happened to see on another blog that you have some exciting news to announce in the future. Congratulations!

  5. Hi Sherida:

    Thanks for stopping by. I am progressing very well on two books that I have been working on for a long time. I have covers for both and a very good editor lined up to edit them.

    Julie’s book, “Romance-ology 101”, has shown me how to rewrite the central chapter in my romance, a love scene, in a very ‘edgy’ way without being explicit. This chapter was so hard to write that it was a major factor holding up the book. Now I can’t wait to write this edgy approach. However, the Rewards Per Page book will come out first. This is an exciting time.