Sunday, November 10, 2013

Very Enjoyable Christmas Story Showcases Author’s Expertise as a Screenwriter! 5 Stars!


(Star Light ~ Star Bright) 
Book One of a Series
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“Be Mine This Christmas Night” is a very visual novel with real life characters, a beautiful winter location in Boulder, Colorado, and powerful dialogue strong enough to power a radio play.
From the very opening the story is a delight of lights and color. The heroine has a traditional of lighting her home up with thousands of lights! Her ‘lights on’  ceremony is attended by hoards of sightseers. This light show would make a great opening scene in a movie. From the first page the reader knows he or she is in for a visual treat. Everyone loves her light show for all the Christmas cheer it brings to those who see it.
Well, everyone loves it except perhaps for her new neighbor -- a scientist, who may think of her home as an ostentatious attention magnet with little regard for energy conservation.  He’s a  recent widower with two young sons. He's working at a new office in a new town hoping this will make it easier to get over the death of his wife.
First impressions can be misleading, however, and as this is a romance the hero and heroine may soon discover much they like about each other. The boy’s uncle, the hero’s dead wife’s brother, is not so happy with the romance. This proves to be a big problem because the uncle almost lives with the family and has wormed his way into being a second dad to the children.
“Be Mine This Christmas Night” is a novel you'll see as much as you'll read. (I call it a novel because it is estimated at 143 pages and that's long enough to be called a novel.) The dialogue is not sugar coated. These characters say what they think, often as it pops into their heads, and it can be very hurtful. They are also slow to change their minds.
All in all, I find it much more enjoyable to read stories that are very visual and that would make good movies. I also like realistic dialogue. These story characters talk and think how real people actually would. They also have the views on life such people really would.
I enjoy Christmas romances more than any other kind. I also know that there are many good Christmas stories available each new holiday season. I would put “Be Mine This Christmas Night”  before many others because of the unique, fast-paced, visual way it is written. The book is different and refreshing – while at the same time capable of producing the warm fuzzy Christmas feelings that make Christmas romances so popular. Five Christmas Stars!
Highest Christmas Romance Recommendation. 


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  1. Vince, I'm speechless, and that doesn't happen very often. Thank you for your fantastic review and the recommendation. It's an honor coming from you.
    Leslie Ann aka LA.