Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surprising ‘Little Novel’ Delivers the Reading Enjoyment of an Exciting 300-Page Suspense Thriller!


One Night In Reno
(A One Night Novella)
[Kindle Edition 99 cents]
One way to have a `little novel' deliver big novel excitement is to have a lot of surprises with a lot of things happening. "One Night in Reno" does this with 5-Star power!

In a way it may be better not to know too much about the plot ahead of time because "One Night in Reno" keeps surprising the reader by ever expanding and always becoming a different kind of story.

To make this dynamic plot expansion work in a `little novel' requires that the writer create a non-obvious foundation for each new surprise. This takes a great deal of skill and most authors don't do it. Indeed, many `novellas' are really just long short stories. Not "One Night in Reno"! It has twelve chapters and as such it is a true `little novel' with the kind of story that delivers full size 300-page reading enjoyment. Enjoyment you can get in one night's reading. This is why I am a big fan of novellas. More reading enjoyment in far less reading time.

The writing style is fast and flawless. I never had to read a single sentence twice because the meaning wasn't clear on the first reading. This is how I'd like to write fiction. The prose serves as a great model for aspiring writers.

Also, each time there was an interesting twist in the story, I would think about it and concluded that I should have seen the twist coming. But I didn't and that was the most enjoyable part of all. To be surprised when the author was playing fair with you gives reading its spice. This is fresh, wake yourself up, writing. The author has a true talent for writing the novella.

I don't want to say too much about the plot because the blurb by the publisher tells you all you really need to know to decide if you want to read this story. But I can tell you this: "One Night in Reno" is a 5-start reading experience that makes me want to read everything else the author has written. This was my first Rogenna Brewer book read so I am delighted to have `discovered' another author I can look forward to reading! The price is right at 99 cents!

"One Night in Reno" gets my highest recommendation!


  1. Hi Rogenna:
    Write books this good and you are going to get a lot of 5-star reviews. I'm really looking forward to your Christmas Novella.