Saturday, November 16, 2013

“Her Christmas Cruise” Takes You On a Festive 5-Star Holiday Tour of Enjoyment!

Amazon, Kindle, 114 pages

“Write What You Know and Write it on the Go!”

That’s how I would describe Mona Risk’s “Her Christmas Cruise”.

If you like romances for where they can take you and what you can see, Mona Risk has the cruise for you!  Mona is a world traveler. She writes romances about where she’s been. And she writes details to perfection. I know. In “Her Christmas Cruise” – I have been everywhere the characters went, Barcelona, Rome, Venice and I’ve taken cruises just like in the book. Mona faithfully writes what I have experienced on my trips. (Even the abandoned ship lifeboat drill.) Reading her books is like going back in time and taking trips again for the ‘first’ time!

Cruise ship views Grand Canal
Of course, the exotic locations, dancing, stage shows, sight seeing, and fine dining, as wonderful as they are, still only provide the stage for the romance. Rest assured,  Mona Risk can write romance. All her romances provide passion, sparks, and conflict. At each stage of the story there are always a few things coming up that the reader can't wait to turn the page to see what will happen next.  

Barcelona -- Biggest Fountain
Trevi Fountain, Rome
Here’s a secret: the author likes to have a secret or two in her stories which, if they were revealed would end the romance. Her romances have plenty of suspense without being suspense stories. They have great travel adventures without being travelogues. And they have the type of dreamy 'falling in love' scenes that have helped make romances the best selling fiction genre in history.

In the end Mona Risk's stories are all about the fun of being her characters. In “Her Christmas Cruise” the heroine is a beautiful fashion designer. She is well educated and her father is a senator. The hero is a handsome psychiatrist but the heroine thinks he’s a poor travel agent. The heroine had better not find out the truth too soon’ll just have to read the book and find out for yourself! 

Rialto, Venice

I should add that the writing is flawless. I never once had to reread a sentence because it had two different meanings and my first reading was the wrong one. I encountered no typos and the prose flowed as fast as the action which is near light speed. Mona Risk is a very experienced writer at the top of her game. It’s a great time to pick up a few of her books.

My Highest Recommendation!

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You get what is in this picture in this story.



  1. Thank you, Vince for a lovely review. Reviews like yours are a boost of energy to keep writing and stir my muse into weaving new plots. And my next cruise is coming soon. LOL

  2. Hi Mona:

    My sister just got back from a 14 day Alaska Cruise. Has hundreds of pictures. With digital you can take thousands of pictures! How I wish I had them for all my travels. Alaska is our next cruise but have no idea when that will be. Until then I'll have to take your cruises. I hope you have Alaska in your plans. Be safe.