Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Quote of the Day


“The more you know, the funnier life gets.”   Vince Mooney


  1. This reminds me of a quote by Horace Walpole:

    "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think."


  2. Hi Amber:

    Thanks for the Walpole quote. I read this quote way back when I was in college. I just wonder now if Walpole and myself would agree as to why thinking or knowledge makes life funny or a comedy.

    I was thinking very pragmatically. I know the very best comedians are also usually very intelligent.

    The more things you know, the more concepts you can juxtapose in an attempt to put two ideas together that because they can each mean more than one thing, can produce a humorous response when considered inappropriately together. This is really the engine of most jokes.

    Walpole could have meant something like this or he could have meant something I am not even aware of. Great quotes have a way of never wearing out.

    Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you as a guest on Seekerville again soon.


    1. Vince,

      That's a very interesting way to think about it! Yes, I imagine that it's much easier to come up with jokes the more you know about things and the more you experience life. :) Have you ever watched any of Brian Regan's stand-up comedy routines? He draws on some great scenarios - makes me laugh so much sometimes!

      Anyhow, I see Walpole's quote as saying that the different circumstances of life - the ironies and the twists of fate and the perceived "unfairness," etc. - can seem humorous to someone only contemplating them in their head and not letting it be felt by their heart. Whereas those ironies and situations that might seem "comic" to an audience if life were a play, are really tragic to somebody who experiences all those things and really feels them in their heart. Don't know if that makes sense, but that's just how I always thought of it. ;)

      I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and your kind words! I would love to be a guest on Seekerville again! Hoping to share some stuff about self-publishing if they'll have me back. :)


  3. Hi Amber:

    I also think that along with knowing a lot, it helps to be an outsider, an unpopular outsider, as many comedians were. As an outsider you look critically at the insider group. You see things or notice things they do not. Like a fish not seeing water. This habit is also the way you can look at thousands of concepts to see if any matchups are funny. Your minds gets trained to do this to take on many different tasks.

    I have not heard Brian Regan but if you find him very funny, I will try to hear some of his material. He may be on YouTube.

    I think your take on Walpole is right. I would add that the thinker is one who can also feel and maybe even feel more deeply in that the thinker will also be seeing things in context and be able to feel the pain in relationship to the long term consequences. The feeling person may be more a person of the moment who is thus driven to extremes. Of course, wisdom plays a role in this as well as having a sense of humor plays a role in being a good comedian.

    There are so many variables in life that almost anything can make sense given the right context.

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