Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Few Days to Win a Bargain at the Brenda Novak Aution for a Diabetes Cure


How’s The Bidding Going?  Lots of Bargains & Lots of Fun. Just a Few Days Left!

Check out the Brenda Novak On Line Auction for a DiabetesCure.


I am now the top bidder in 9 of 24 auctions. People keep taking away the items I want to win by bidding over my limit. I’ve had to bid on more items to increase my chances of getting the critiques and evaluations I’d like to win. 

With just a few days left, bidders are getting more serious. Bidders who lost out on some items now must decide which items to let go and which to divert the most resources towards winning.  

This is more fun than gambling! If you don’t win, you are not out a penny. If you win, you get what you wanted at a price you are glad to pay! Better yet: all the money goes to a good cause!  

But the fun ends soon.!
Every year I’ve got some great bargains that I could not get any where else. 
You Can Too!
Bid here: Auction


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