Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rugged Western Historical Romance Provides Rapid-Fire, 5-Star, Reading Enjoyment!

Montana Dawn
Caroline Fyffe
Mass Market Paperback: 295 pages
Leisure Books (July 27, 2010)

1883 - Montana Territory

While the wagon shown on the cover of “Montana Dawn” may be slow moving, everything else in the story rips along like it was being driven by tornadic winds! Once you start reading "Montana Dawn", the 52 Chapters and 295 pages, seem to be over almost before they began.

Caroline Fyffe is a master storyteller. The action opens in the middle of a thunder storm, during the dark of night, on the open range, with the heroine, Faith Brown, about to give birth. She's crowded into a small covered wagon with her young son as her only companion. Faith has even more problems: she’s a recent widow, her horses have run off, she’s low on money, and she is running from a very bad situation back home. And yes, an evil villain is hot on her trail!

The hero, Luck McCutcheon, stumbles upon the lone wagon when he wanders too far astray from his cattle drive camp. With little other choice, Luke helps deliver the baby. A bond is created between the baby, mother and the hero that pulls them together even as necessity drives them apart.

“Montana Dawn” is a rugged and realistic romance with two graphic birth scenes, cruelty to people and animals , plus a fair share of violence. The men are western men and act like it. The friendships are real and lasting. The emotions are authentic and moving.

This high level of realism makes the growing love between Luke and Faith all the more powerful. It makes the characters so vivid, you’d known them if they knocked on your front door.

“Montana Dawn” is not a soft, fluffy, romance. It’s a story of real people, hard times and harder choices. I enjoyed every minute of the book and that’s about as good as a book can get!

"Montana Dawn": Rugged, Realistic, Cativating!


  1. Dear Vince, Thank you so much for the glowing review of MONTANA DAWN. I’m so happy that you liked the story. I appreciate too that you felt it was written in the spirit of a real western, with guts and violence. Of course, I’m glad you liked the love story too.

    Thank you again for your encouragement. Being a new author your words mean so much to me!

    Take care and happy trails,

    PS-I’ve been looking around your blog and am enjoying it very much!

  2. Hi Caroline:

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind remarks.

    My comments about the realistic nature of “Montana Dawn” were partially in response to all the reviews I’ve read which called the book a ‘Sweet Romance'! I don’t think that phrase should be used simply because there is no explicit sex or obscene language in the story.

    The heroine just had a baby. She was not going to have sex anyway. “Montana Dawn” is as realistic in that sense as Louis L’Amour. No one would call his books, the ones with a romance anyway, 'Sweet Romances' just because there was no explicit sex or foul language -- which there never was.

    “Montana Dawn” is not a sweet, cozy, romance. It is realistic and painted with a photographer’s eye. And because it is so real, the emotions run deeper and the enjoyment is more powerfully felt.

    I am very interested in what you are going to do next.