Sunday, October 17, 2010

Announcing! A Most Awaited Release – Available in Less than 30 Days!

After a Wait of More Then Eight Months, “The Rancher’s Reunion” Is Scheduled for Early Bird Release at 12:01 am on December 1 at eHarlequin!

Tina Radcliffe's "The Rancher's Reunion" should be available immediately at that time as an eBook for download or as a paperback book to be delivered by mail. That link again is here.

The book will be available in book stories in January 2011. However, the cognoscenti do not have to wait that long!


  1. YAY!!!!!

    I can't wait *grin*
    Thanks, Vince,

  2. No pressure, Vince.


  3. Hi Hannah:

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I hope you can attend the World-Wide Virtual Watch Party on November 30th! Countdown starts at 11:00 pm. Harry Potter fans look out! : )


  4. Hi Tina:

    Pressure is what provides the power to move the world!


  5. Baha Vince!!

    Is it right here on this very blog!?!?! I can probably be here *grin*

    Guess what, I saw a man today at a book signing that looked JUST LIKE YOU (well this picture of you anyway) it was really weird....I was almost like "Um, excuse me, is your name Vince by any chance??"

    Sooooo Vince, were you at Dartmouth college on Sunday, Octover 24, by any chance *wink*

  6. Hi Hannah:

    I didn’t get by Dartmouth today but there are a few people who look like me and I look just like my picture.

    Here’s something I discovered. When you get old enough, everyone you meet looks like someone else you know or used to know. Everyone! I don’t know at what age this happens but when it does you will know it.

    Did you notice that there is going to be another Seeker December Early Bird Download Party? See my “Rocky Mountain Hero” post above. We may have to get a bigger virtual room. Everything is in a state of flux right now.

    All I know is that this is going to be really big!

    Stay tuned!