Monday, August 26, 2013

“Neighbor Next Door” Romance Features Almost Everything a Woman Could Want!

If You’ve Ever Dreamed of Writing a “Woman’s World” Romance – this is a 5-Star Example of how to do it!
“One Saturday Morning”
Tina Radcliffe
a Novelatinissima
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Woman’s Word
September 2, 2013
When Katy spied her new neighbor for the first time through her glass patio door, it was WOW at first sight!
Just feet away, on the next patio, was everything a woman could want. Tall, dark, handsome and sporting an ‘I can make you deliriously happy’ smile.
She heard a cry of anguish and was surprised to discover it wasn’t her own. Draped lovingly over his muscular shoulder was a most adorable baby who was looking right at her with scowl that said, in universal female talk, ‘he’s mine’.
Yes, everything a woman could want but some woman already has. Poor Katy thought, “If all the good ones are taken, then this one was pre-ordered at birth.”
But Mr. Gorgeous moves towards her and asks for help with the baby! Could this be the start of something wonderful?
Tina has a new book out. Meet her here.
Writers: if you want to write a Woman’s World romance, this story is a perfect example of what Woman’s World wants. To learn the most, pay special attention to what is not in the story. Then ask yourself, “Is this a story at all?”

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