Monday, August 5, 2013

Kindle Vs Paperback – The ‘Eyes’ Have It


I had to wait 24 years to get this book on a Kindle – but you can have it right now for a dollar less than the 1989 paperback price!

Which Would You Rather Read?

Look at the photo above. On the left is the paperback version of “Love’s Miracles” in standard paperback form. On the right is the Kindle. Both formats are on the start of Chapter 9.  

Which do you think would be easier to read? Which would be less trying to read? Which would be easier to read in low light? Which would be less likely to give you a headache. Which would be your only choice if you could not read smaller type? Oh, and which one currently holds over 1,400 different books inside it?  

Paper books are going to die when eBook readers get down to about $3 to $5 in price. Not because people don’t like paper books. No, it will because they will no longer be competitive. Books will be sold with the eReader included like film is sold with the box as the camera.
Kindles even get better looking covers!
Like they say: seeing is believing and when it comes to Kindle: the ‘eyes’ have it.

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