Monday, July 30, 2012

“Sailing with You” is Your Ticket to a Beautiful 'Highly Romantic' Romance!

The book is just like this picture.

What You See is What You Get!

It’s like a Mini Vacation!  Mona Risk Creates a 'New Subgenre':  The ‘Highly Romantic’ Romance!

“Sailing With You”
Mona Risk
Print Length: 149 pages 
Publisher: Mona Risk (March 7, 2012)
Price .99 at this time.
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

It’s been so long since I’ve read a romance this romantic that I’d forgotten how good a genuinely romantic romance could be!   This is high romance!  This is the type of romance that dreams are made of!  Indeed, reading “Sailing withYou” is like taking a mini vacation!

Look at that beautiful cover art!  That’s what you get! Mona Risk delivers!  The setting is Mykonos in all its beauty.  Most of the action takes place outdoors around the island, on the beaches and swimming in the sea.  There’s also romantic dinners under the stars on the hero’s luxury yacht.  A ship nice enough for the Queen of England!  

Oh, yes, there’s even driving around the island in the hero’s Ferrari.  If this makes you tired, awaiting you on the yacht is a near pool-size bubble bath.

Is the Hero a Bronze Skinned Greek God?

The heroine seems to think so!  While very rich, the hero is still a sensitive romantic who is fully prepared to offer the heroine a loving lifetime commitment. 

Is the Heroine a Feisty, Beautiful, Harvard Trained Lawyer?

Oh, yes. The heroine is highly intelligent and capable. You won’t find a ‘too stupid to live’ heroine in any of Mona Risk’s books. (She has a PhD in chemistry herself and has worked professionally all over the world in 60 countries).  A Mona Risk heroine is worthy of any hero’s love – if he can win her over! (Of course, being a Greek God gives a guy a definite advantage).

Would you enjoy “Romeo and Juliette” with a happy ending? 

You got it!  How much more romantic can you get? “Sailing with You”   involves a fifty year romance that was thwarted by the woman’s family.  All the tear-stained love letters are here.  The hero and heroine come from feuding families!  The heroine’s beloved grandfather is the hero’s number one enemy.

“I’ll See You in Court”

The heroine is a high powered lawyer brought to Greece to stop the hero’s efforts to demolish the ancient family home in order to build a resort. 

If you have heartstrings, they will to be pulled at some point in this story.  If you have a funny bone, you find yourself laughing.  The story has one of the best openings I’ve ever read in a romance. 

 To Go Topless or Not to Go Topless?

As the story opens, the heroine is on a topless beach debating whether she should take off her top.  She’s new on the island and knows no one.  All the other women are topless. As she is making up her mind, the hero is watching her with his binoculars.  He is really enjoying the show! 

That reminds me, Mona Risk writes with a hot pen! The romantic action does not stop at the stateroom door! As I said before, “Sailing With You” delivers! And it delivers in every way a romance can deliver! What fun!

It’s Almost Criminal!

“Sailing with You” is so enjoyable that it's almost criminal that it is priced at only 99 cents! (At time of review on Amazon Kindle). This romance is better than many books I've paid $14.99 and up for!  Pricing really doesn't make much sense today! But who's complaining? 

Look at that Cover Again! 

Can You Really Say No to this Book?
5-Star Excellence!
Love Under Greek Skies!


  1. Hi Vince, how can I thank you for this lovely review! I am so glad you enjoyed reading my novel, Sailing with You. I had so much fun writing it after going to Greece several times. My family originated from the Island of Salonica. I visited Athens and Mykonos twenty years ago to discover the place of my roots, and since then, I kept going back to Greece every few years. This is to tell you, how familiar I am with the Greek culture and mentality. I wrote this romance with so much enthusiasm, and I am glad you appreciated it. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Mona:

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope there will be more Greek books in the future. I’ve been to the Greek Islands. I’ve been on the beaches and in the water. This brings it all back again. I’m so glad you spent so much time in the book being outdoors. Of course, there are many other great locations in which to place your stories. I don’t think I’ve read a romance set in the South Pacific. Tahiti might be nice. : )