Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball!


Social media is ‘small ball’.

It attracts people who might buy your book because they like you and may want to please you…for now. This only works on a small scale.

‘Large ball’ is focusing on selling your book by attracting the attention of those readers who would most enjoy reading your book. Readers don’t have to know you to love your books. Readers don’t have to like you to spread great word-of-mouth advertising about your books. Readers seek  great reading experiences not personable authors.  

Loved the Racing.
Don’t worry about social media. Write, write, write. Always be improving the reading experience you provide your readers. When you do market your books,  make the kind of noises that will attract the type of readers who will most enjoy what you write.  If you’ve written a romance about professional bicycle racing, visit bicycle websites! Tout the book and bicycle racing! Make readers want your book for the book’s sake, not yours.

Make your book the hero in all your marketing efforts. Books have legs. They can run on their own from reader to reader without any help from the author’s personality. Rather than looking for people who will like you enough to perhaps buy one of your books, seek people who will enjoy your books – even if they don’t like you.  Politians and prostitutes have to sell themselves, authors don’t.

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