Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“Dare to Believe” Fulfills the Promise of Indie Publishing Freedom!


"Dare to Believe"  Unpredictable! Fascinating!
 A Fresh Voice! 
It's a Reading Experience that Makes the Most of the Indie Publishing Promise!

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A Romantic Suspense
“Dare to Believe” is a daring adventure into a new world of fictional freedom. L.A. Sartor uses her creative freedom to write a very unpredictable and fascinating nail-biting novel.  The story starts out as a potential romantic crime/mystery as the heroine’s daughter goes missing. It then becomes a suspense/thriller when the evidence strongly supports a kidnapping. Soon the narrative moves to beautiful Hawaii where most of the story takes place.
Once in the islands the action intensifies and some traces of being a police procedural appear. Eventually, the story becomes a legal/thriller. With all these twists and turns one thing remains constant: the romance developing between the hero and heroine. This relationship, once thought to be hopeless, moves towards becoming a reality -- if only the mystery can be solved and justice found.
A story like “Dare to Believe” is one of the best justifications for an Indie Press and the freedom to create the kind of interesting reading experiences that are almost impossible to find in the traditional press. A Traditional publisher would ask, “Where does this book get displayed on bookstore shelves? We can’t market books with this much freedom.”  An Indie publisher can publish books like this. And readers benefit. If you are going to read an Indie Press novel, then I believe this is the type of book to read.
Rest assured, “Dare to Believe” is edited as well as any big publisher I have read. I found no mistakes in the book. Of course, what I believe makes the book so much fun to read is that it is fresh and unpredictable. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I look forward to see what this very talented author comes up with next.
If you are interested in Hawaii, as I am, you’ll be glad to know that the author has lived in Hawaii, loves it, and spends a major part of the book in this beautiful land.
For a great read and to experience one of the best of the new books coming from the Indie Presses, “Dare to Believe” is a great place to start.
Because Life Doesn’t Unfold According to Traditional Publishing Guidelines, Indie Press Books Can Be More Lifelike and Realistically Enjoyable!



  1. Vince,
    Thank you for the kind words. I love your last paragraph.

    Merry Christmas, and a Wonderful New Year to you.
    LA Sartor

  2. Hi LA:

    I’m glad you liked my review of “Dare to Believe”. I believe that books like yours are the way to go for the Indie Press industry. As far as possible, Indies need to present books that are new, fresh, creative, and not typically found in the traditional houses.

    Guidelines are good. They made for near certainty of product. When I buy a Love Inspired romance, I know what I am getting. It’s just like buying fries at McDonalds. You know what you are going to get. Indies are like going to little restaurants offering all kinds of food. You go there for something different. Something special. I think Indies should play up ‘the something special…something different’ factor.

    The best positive example for the Indie experience is having a big author, who can publish anywhere, come out as an Indie because he or she wants the greater freedom to be more daring and creative.

    “Dare to Believe” is one of the books I would put forward as making the most of the freedon Indie authors enjoy. I think it helps the industry and I look forward to reading what you are going to do next.