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Julie Lessman’s Saga Continues With The Best Book Yet – “A Heart Revealed” – 5 Stars!

Emma: the most loveable of heroines

With Passion, Love, History, Family, and Church –
The Winds of Change”  -- Unveils the Most Heartwarming Love Story to Date!

Revell, September 2011
Kindle version available

A Heart Revealed” provides the perfect fusion of an abiding faith and romantic passion. The heroine, Emma Malloy, is a most sympathetic and lovable heroine. The reader may even come to think that Emma is 'too good to be true'…but she’s not. She’s real. She’s worthy. She’s someone a man could love without reservations. Yet, she's all too human.

“A Heart Revealed” tells a heartwarming love story which is central focus of this romance novel.  Yet, “A Heart Revealed”, is much more than a love story. It’s a family history. It’s a small slice of American history. And while it may rightly be called Christian Fiction, it could just as well be classified as historical fiction about an Irish Catholic family in Boston at the turn of the century and beyond.

I must say, that this series of books, “The Daughters of Boston” and “The Winds of Change”,  is very personal to me. I come from an Irish Catholic family that lived in the area during the years covered in this O’Connor family saga. A lot of my family still lives in the Boston area. Everything in the book is so real to me. The Catholic Church, the priests, the beliefs, practices and attitudes are all vividly real to me. I knew priests like Father Mack. I looked up to good men like the heroes in this saga. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a family series any more than I have this one by Julie Lessman. There's love and respect for her work found on every page. This whole Lessman series has the imprimatur of a life work.

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As of today, “A Heart Revealed” , has been reviewed 114 times on Amazon alone.  So I won’t say too much about the story itself except that it’s really four stories in one.

There is Luke & Katie’s story. There’s Mitch & Charity’s story. (Charity is more 'Charity' than ever before!)  There’s Sean & Emma’s story. (We get to see the real Emma at last). There’s Patrick & Marcy’s story. (Complete with Gabe's story).  As expected, all these threads are woven together into a narrative that is greater than the sum of its parts. The reading enjoyment begins on the first page and continues right up to the dramatic conclusion.

The story:

The fifth O’Connor to face love and marriage, Sean O'Connor, is the hero in this story. Emma Malloy is the heroine. She is married but estranged from her husband who lives back in Ireland. He abused her often and finally when he scared her face with hot oil, she left him. Emma is a saint to all who know her but she is much more than meets the eye. Even the people who know her best don't really know her.  This is a very complicated story which surprised me again and again. I loved it pure and simple.

I believe that each book read in this "O'Connor Family" series leverages the reading enjoyment gained from reading the next book. I highly recommend reading the books in order; however, "A Heart Revealed"  stands on its own and will provide a wonderful reading experience. I also think it would be enjoyable to read "A Heart Revealed"  first and then go back and read the rest of the books in order. I often do this when I have not read the early books in a series.

To make it easy to learn about and find the other books in the series, I am listing them below. When I have reviewed the book, I have left a link as well.  (Note: I was too upset with Charity to review book Two. When I calm down, I'll review it.)

Book Four: "A Heart Undaunted" -- Review
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“A Heart Revealed” – The Best Book Yet!

Highest Recommendation!


  1. VINCE!!! I'll tell you what, my friend, you sure know how to write a killer review!! WOW!! Cannot thank you enough for not only taking the time to read my "door-stopper" books, but for reviewing them as well!! I don't know if you post your reviews on or, but if you do, I would dearly love to see this amazing review there if at all possible. If you are not prone to posting your reviews on bookstore websites, no worries -- I am just THRILLED that you posted it here. Thanks again ... and not just for the review, Vince, but for being one of the most interesting, unique, intelligent, kind and well-versed friends we have on Seekerville. Our blog is richer because of you, God's truth!


  2. Hi Julie:

    I hope you can get book VI done in time to offer boxed sets of the complete series for Christmas this year. It might be the talk of the ACFW conference in Dallas – just four hours away for me! I’m looking forward for many more books in the future.