Monday, September 5, 2011

“Oklahoma Reunion" -- Winner as the Season's Most Natural “Feel Good” Romance! 5 Stars!

A Story So Good You Can Almost Taste It!

Love Inspired
Oct 2011
Kindle Version

“The great masters make the difficult look easy.”

“Oklahoma Reunion” is easy to read, easy to like and hard to put down! Everything reads so naturally that the story just seems to happen before your eyes. The romance between Ryan and Kait appears as wistfully as if it was always there to be seen.  

Green Country, Oklahoma
It’ s like Looking Out Your Window!

The story takes place in and near Tulsa where I’ve lived since 1971. I know Tulsa and I can verify that the characters in "Oklahoma Reunion" act and talk like the people I know. Ryan and Kait even dine at the same restaurants that I frequent. (Reading this romance might make you hungry.) The street views, the weather and the vegetation are just as I experience them everyday. Everything is so familiar it's almost like not reading at all.  It's like having a friend in your home.

It’s a Different Reading Experience

"Oklahoma Reunion" is a very rich story. The naturalness of the narrative is found in much more than simply getting the location accurate. The characters act as I would expect real people in the real world to act but not necessarily as I am used to seeing characters in a 'hidden child' romance behave.

‘Hidden Child’ with a Difference 

Favorite Ice Cream Stop
While “Oklahoma Reunion” features a 'hidden child' theme romance, it’s unlike all the others I’ve read. For example, the hero, Ryan Jones, reacts just as I would react if I learned I had an 8 year old daughter. There are none of the fireworks, histrionics or recriminations that are so common to this particular romance theme. This is an inspirational romance and you can tell the difference. It's in the authenticity.

Faith in Action: An Inspiration

Pizza Means Ryan is Serious
Ryan is a mature individual who acts thoughtfully. He is a Christian who lives his faith. The heroine, Kait Field, is also a very sympathetic person of faith.  Kait has been wronged in the past but she has also done wrong to Ryan. Both Ryan and Kait have been tempered by their experiences and behave accordingly.

The characters in “Oklahoma Reunion” are interesting, worthy, and exceptional. Each has enough depth to act naturally, that is, to act as real people would act and not as one would expect stereotypical ‘hidden child’ theme characters to act. If you are an experienced romance reader, you will notice the difference right away.

A Forever Love

Ryan has always loved Kait and the fact of their daughter, Jenna, doesn’t change that reality. Kait has also never stopped loving Ryan. So here you have it: Kait loves Ryan. Ryan loves Kait. They have a daughter in common that they both love. So how much conflict could there really be here?

So What Makes “Oklahoma Reunion” Such a Page-Turner?

The story is so compelling because of its freshness. The characters are interesting and they do interesting things. You care about all the characters and want to learn what happens next. There is always something you want to know coming up on the next page. You have to wonder:

“Why did this person show up at the door at this time?” 

“What's the hero’s mother going to do when she meets her granddaughter?”

“How is everything going to work out now that everything is out?”

A bookstore in the book.
   There are also very strong secondary characters, like Molly and Ryan's great grandfather, who give very good wisdon-like advice.   

The Story: 

Kait Field and Ryan Jones were an item in high school. Kait won a four-year scholarship to OSU. Ryan wanted to go to the OSU veternairan school. Everything was going fine. However,  Ryan’s parents were against the marriage and they paid Kait off to move out of town. Kait was pregnant at the time and Ryan didn't know this. He was not told he had a daughter.

Eight years later, Kait comes back to Oklahoma from her new home in Philadelphia to sell her father’s house soon after the father’s death. Since she will be taking care of years of  'loose ends', she decides to tell Ryan about his daughter while she is in Oklahoma. 

What happens after Ryan finds out about his daughter? That's quite a story. A story that is sure to make you feel good right to the last page. It's a natural.

Five Star "Oklahoma Reunion" Is Season's Natural 'Feel Good' Romance!


  1. This sounds like a great read and very true to its setting and theme.

  2. Vince, you are too kind. Thank you. It's easy to write about a place and people who are so dear to your heart.

  3. I can't wait for mine to get here. Vince, great review, and I love that you were able to insert local pics!

    SO FUN!

    Thanks, big guy.

  4. I just finished Ruthy's book. Glynna's is laying on the table beside my chair calling to me, and now here comes TINA!!!
    I am a rich, rich woman.

  5. Hi Marlena:

    If you read, “Oklahoma Reunion”, please report back as to how you liked it. The Tulsa setting really made me enjoy the book like none other. I’d love to know what someone not from Tulsa thinks of the story. I think you’ll love it but I’d like to hear what you say.


  6. Hi Tina:

    Do you think Steve’s will let you hold a book signing? : ) Just imagine: the bookstore is in the book before the book is in the bookstore.

    You really have developed your own unique voice. I can’t wait to read what you do next.


  7. Hi Ruth:

    This is like the perfect local story. The PR should be great here in Tulsa. I wonder if they will have a parade when Tina comes ‘home’.


  8. Hi Mary:

    I think you are rich because you are always playing it forward. You are so generous in helping other authors. I really admire that and how hard you work. You are an inspiration.


  9. Mary and Tina are signing there in October. Keep you posted.


  10. Hi Tina:

    How about writing yourself into your next book doing a book signing at Steve’s for “Oklahoma Reunion”? I don’t think that has ever been done!

    The hero and heroine go into Steve’s to buy a book for a child and the heroine sees an author conducting a book signing.

    “Look, that’s Tina Radcliffe, she writes romances that take place in Oklahoma.”

    “I’m not surprised. Over the years I’ve seen dozens of the most famous authors here. Steve gets them all.”

    BTW: Are you going to do a workshop while you’re here? (I have a classroom). Will you come to the WIN chapter meeting? First Saturday of the month.


  11. LOL, Vince. So many options, so little time.

    Here is what I will do. Go to the booksigning...write myself into a book, kill the secondary character in Mary's honor. Then I will leave Mary in Tulsa to teach a month long class and pick her up in November. Deal?

  12. Hi Tina:

    It's OK with me but I may have to clear it with the mayor.


  13. Y'all are CRACKing me UP! HA!

    Vince, wonderful review. I've nothing to add. I GENUINELY loved this book... Start to finish.

    Well done Tina!!!