Saturday, July 2, 2011

Totally Hooked by “The Farmer Next Door” by Patricia Davids

The Farmer Next Door

The Farmer Next DoorPatricia Davids
Love Inspired
Jul 2011 Miniseries:
Brides of Amish Country
Inspirational Romance
Paperback & Kindle

I’m just 24% into “The Farmer Next Door” and I’m totally hooked! This is not a review of the book. It’s a review of the book so far. I just had to get the word out because so far this is a 5-Star pleasure.
The hero and heroine are instantly attractive – very sympathetic. Consider this scene from the beginning of the book:


The hero sees the heroine on her porch with her ancient spinning wheel making yarn from her Alpaca fleece. She does not see him. He stops and just looks at her. This is early in the story.

“It wasn’t so much the art of her work that caught his attention. It was the look on her face. The worry and pain he’d seen before were gone, replaced by an expression of serenity. A sweet, soft smile curved her lips. He caught snatches of a song she was humming. So this was how Faith Martin looked when she was happy.”
This is an Amish romance story and it features Alpacas. Very different and very interesting. I am going to go back to reading it right now!

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