Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sensational French Cover: Is it Too Powerful for North America?

French edition of "When One Night Isn't Enough".
Is this Cover Too Powerful to Run in North America?

The French cover for Wendy S. Marcus’s debut Medical, “When One Night Isn’t Enough” would absolutely dominate any bookstore display in America. The photography is a beautiful work of art. However, I do not think America or even Australia is ready for such boldness.  Just look at the North American and Australian covers for the same book below.
Australian Cover 

North American Cover
UK Cover
It is almost impossible to believe that these three covers are for the same book. I think these covers show how the marketing people ‘see’ their reading public in each region. It will be interesting to read the book, which is not out yet, and then decide which cover most accurately represent the story’s content.

In the meantime the author, Wendy S. Marcus, will be a guest blogger on the Seekerville website this Friday, 15 July. Be sure to drop by and see what Wendy has to say.


  1. Hi Vince!
    Thank you for showcasing my beautiful covers and for the link to Seekerville! You're wonderful!

  2. Hi Wendy:

    Thanks for stopping by. You were a big hit on Seekerville -- over 100 comments.

    It's just two more weeks before your Kindle version goes on sale in the USA. Can't wait.

    Good luck on your deadlines!