Sunday, June 27, 2010

"A Quiet Place" is Anything But Tranquil

A Quiet Place
by Michelle Levigne
Published by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
Genre: Romantic Fiction

"A Quiet Place" is Anything But Tranquil

You might think by the cover art and the title that "A Quiet Place" would be a reflexive, slow moving story about middle-aged lovers looking back at what might have been. Wrong. 'On Golden Pond' it is not!

"A Quiet Place" can even get quite noisy at times. The story gets off to a fast start and then keeps accelerating until the last page. The pace is breathtaking. The story not only reads fast – it actually increased my reading speed. I timed myself reading three times faster than I normally do.

The Soul of a Screenwriter

It didn't take me many pages to conclude that the author has the soul of a screenwriter. Search as I might, I could not find a single wasted scene in "A Quiet Place". The story reads so quickly because of the writing style, the constant desire to know what happens next, and the way the novel is structured.

To better illustrate what I am talking about, please imagine that you are very interested in the relationship between two people over the past ten years. Next imagine that you only want to know about the essential events in that relationship. You want all the non-essentials edited out. If you were successful in doing this, then you would be left with a rapid fire narrative not unlike "A Quiet Place". This is a very interesting read from a writer's point of view.

Best Friends to Lovers

The theme of "A Quiet Place" is an old favorite. The hero is in love with the heroine but has always been her best friend. While in the army the hero tells his best buddy about how wonderful the heroine is and how much his friend would like living in his hometown of Tabor Heights. The army buddy gets out of the Army first, goes to Tabor Heights, and falls in love with the heroine.

The rest of the story deals with the hero coming to terms with the aftermath of helping create this troublesome love triangle. I suggest you don't read the publisher's blurb about this book because it gives away a little too much. It's more fun just to let the story happen.

Strong Character Development

Usually in an episodic and fast moving story, character development suffers. However, "A Quiet Place" is long enough so that the central characters are fully developed. The action may be fast but the characters' personalities and motivations are clearly depicted.

A Race to the Present

The story starts seven years in the past and quickly moves, step-by-step, into the present. This movement towards the present makes the story seem to move even faster. Since all the story movement is forward from the initial point on page one until the last page, there is no flashback confusion. In fact, the book is not at all confusing. I never had to reread a sentence to determine its meaning. However, I did experience the story more as a film than a novel. I also found this experience very enjoyable.

"A Quiet Place" is book 5 of a planned 12 Book Series set in Tabor Heights, Ohio. Each book can be read as a stand alone novel.

"A Quiet Place" Will Make Many New Fans For Tabor Heights! Highly Recommended!

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