Friday, March 5, 2010

Philosophy of Poetry


I wrote an asymmetrical poem
That no one understood
That’s when I knew
It was very good.



  1. Hi Joanne & Alice:

    Thanks for coming by.

    I wonder if the statue is thinking about a bird or if the bird is thinking about a statue? Maybe both of them are thinking about each other. But then it’s just a photo; it’s not a bird or a statue.

    Actually, it’s not really even a photo. It’s a recreation of a photo created with pixels on my monitor. But then pixels are just dots of color. There is no picture on my monitor; there are just dots.

    The picture is in my head. Actually, what are in my head are electrical impulses. Where am I really? And what am I using to make the picture?

    I don’t know but if I can make such a true life picture out of electrical impulses, then I think making fiction is a far sight easier.