Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh, Feisty, Full of Surprises & Just the Good Stuff…

Moving In

Alice Audrey, The Wild Rose Press, Copyright 2009, Novella, eBook, $.3.50

Moving In and Alice Audrey are two good reasons why you should read some Electronic books. And I mean books that are only published electronically.

The marketing restraints that physical publishers face prevent many exceptional authors from being published. Either the length is wrong or the subgenre market is too small or the topic does not fit any of the publisher’s lines.

These very limitations free-up some of the best new writing talent to be showcased by ePublishers. There is a exciting new world of romance experimentation going on in ePublishing that I think many romance fans are mostly unaware of but would just love reading. It might also be wise for established old-line authors to sample this brave new world of creativity.

Moving In is a good example of a bright new talent. Alice Audrey’s voice is fresh, feisty, full of surprises and always fun. The author also deals with real people having real problems and she does it in a very insightful way.

I particularly like this passage about an early visit by the hero to the heroine’s apartment. The hero and heroine move into an old Victorian house on the same day. It has been converted into two apartments.

“He settled on her couch with a sigh as if he’d been on his feet all day.

“That sound, such a small, simple thing, ran through her, setting her nerves afire. It was the sound a man made when he was glad to be home.”

I also like the heroine’s wisecracking girlfriend in this passage when the hero is first introduced.

The man came in with armload of clothes and looked for a place to put them.

“Hey, Stud Muffin—what’s your name?” Miranda asked as if it didn’t matter that they were gossiping about him.

“Trigvey. Trigvey Taylor.” He threw the clothes over a suitcase.

“I’m Miranda. This is Suzie. And that…”
Miranda arched a long-nailed finger, “is Diane.”

Diane cringed as everything from her toes to her ears went blush-hot.

“Nice to meet you…Diane?” He glanced at Diane, turned away and glanced at her again as if worried about what he saw in her expression. “Got to run.”

The whole book runs fast and furious. It’s like the author took a perfectly good 220 page romance manuscript and cut everything out except the very best stuff. Moving In is a whole book of just the good stuff. Instead of taking one or two chapters, the good stuff happens in one or two paragraphs. The story moves so fast it might muss your hair or cause your cheeks to get wind burned.

The book didn’t end too soon. It ended just in time.

Moving In has what I look for and enjoy most in an electronic book. A unique format, creative writing, and an extremely talented author.

Give Moving In a spin. And also check into some other Wild Rose Press eBooks. I have found that this publisher does a very good job of editing.



  1. Great review - thanks, Vince! So refreshing to see a man reviewing a Wild Rose Press book. You've done a great job with the review and congratulations to Alice as well - lynn romaine

  2. Oh wow, Vince, this is so cool! I'm going to run off and tell my friends about this one. Thank you for such a nice review.

  3. This is such a fantastic review, Vince. I have Alice in my Kindle as we speak along with about ten others but guess who's first this weekend?

    Flash 55 - Avian Love

  4. What a wonderful review! The book sounds terrific!

  5. What a unique and well-written review, Vince!

    Sounds like a great read. Congrats, Alice.

  6. Moving In lives up to this wonderful review!

  7. Hi All:

    I’m so glad you all like my review. I really enjoy giving good reviews when I have something exceptional to work with. Alice has the ‘eye’ of a writer. She sees things that say so much in very few words. It will be very interesting to follow her career and see what happens next. Watching a new writer develop is like getting a second helping of reading enjoyment with each new book.

    Thanks for coming by. I enjoy visitors.


  8. Great review and well deserved! It's great to see a man do such a great job reviewing Romance. Chapeau Vince. Keep'em coming! And you are so right about ebooks, they open so many new doors to writers and readers alike.

    Congrats Alice, well done girl!

  9. Love the review and the book! Thanks for a great review, Vince, and big congrats to Alice for well deserved praise!