Monday, July 1, 2013

Hooks are for fishermen…


"A hooked fish will fight you every step of the way. However, if you make what you have in your boat attractive enough to fish, fish will follow your boat wherever you go and try to jump in."
Vince Mooney

Yes, but how to you do this?

Your first chapter has to be a great coming attraction of all the goodies to come. In each genre there are things readers look forward to; in fact, this anticipation is one of the reasons they selected that genre in the first place.
In an inspirational romance give the reader a great location they would love to visit, provide a highly sympathetic and worthy hero and heroine. Perhaps these two have suffered an injustice and are still hurting. Have an adorable child or two in need of the love a missing parent.
The key here is to lay your cards on the table up front. Show that what readers like best in a story is coming up soon in the story. Give readers a little taste of this and that. In short, make them hungry for what you are about to serve.
That’s how to do it.



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