Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Rewarding the Reader is More Important than Ever

Come Discover Why Rewarding the Reader is More Important than Ever Before!

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Why Ebooks Are Becoming Like Cable TV
The Real Cost of an eBook is the Reader’s ‘Opportunity Time’ – Not the Price of the Book!
Reading Anytime, Anywhere – Why You Have to Prove You’re Worth The Reader's Time
The Five Major Coming Changes!
Why Market Segmentation Means Smaller Target Audiences
The Vital Importance of Giving Readers Reasons to ‘Have Read’ Your Book
The Lessman Lesson & The Necessity of Writing A Page-Turner 
Twenty More Ways to Reward a Reader for Reading Your Book

Over 230 Comments to Read and Growing! Come See If There is Information Here You Could Use To Make Your Writing More Rewarding!
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