Monday, December 19, 2011

“Secret Wedding” -- a Compelling Romance About A Romance Writer!

“Secret Wedding” – How to Write A Novella About a Romance Writer, Complete with Romance Writing Tips, All Without Alienating the Reader!

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Liz Fielding likes to experiment in her writing. She never wants to write the same book twice. In “Secret Wedding” she writes a romance about a romance writer who is giving a romance writing workshop. 

This is very hard to do because when the author writes about a romance writer it reminds the reader that she is reading a romance. This has a tendency to pull the reader out of the story ruining the vicarious enjoyment of the reading experience. Almost no writers will attempt do this. (Liz has written over 60 books so she gets a little more leeway.)

“Secret Wedding” works well without alienating the reader because it is well grounded in fact. All the story events have an ample foundation and each character's actions necessarily flow from the initial state of the story. This is because there are romance writers in the real world who do give romance writing workshops. All the author has to do is make the story seem real enough to the reader so that the reader can still vicariously identify with the heroine. Liz Fielding did this to perfection. 

This triumph over alienation is a great reason for other writers to read “Secret Wedding”; however, the romance fan will want to read this story because it is a first rate enjoyable  romance! 

Please note: “Secret Wedding”  is a genuine novella. That it, it is a ‘little novel’ and not just a long ‘short-story’. It has eight chapters, tells a complete love story and could have easily been expanded into a full novel if the author wanted to make it a novel. 

Each chapter starts with a romance writing tip. The first chapter starts like this:

Chapter One
“Begin your story at the moment of crisis, a point in time when you character’s life is about to change forever.”
Mollie Blake’s Writing Workshop Notes

I’ve heard Donna Alward say this many times on her blog and I also follow this advice in my own writing. If you do this as an author you have automatically set the stage for conflict and for providing a basis for character growth.

The Story:

I can’t give too much of the plot away because the unfolding plot provides much of the reading enjoyment. Let me just say that the heroine, Mollie Blake, is a reclusive romance writer who is forced by her publisher into giving a writing workshop. She does not want to do it.

The hero, Tom Garrick, is a best selling author of adventure books favored by men. His publisher forces him to go to the romance writing workshop so that he can get in touch with his 'feminine side'. Hopefully this will help  his books also appeal to women. The publisher wants to increase the sales of Tom’s books. Of course, Tom thinks the whole idea is nonsense.

Here’s the fun part: when hero and heroine first meet, they find out something that should amaze the reader as much as it did the characters!  That’s all I’m going to say. This book is only 99 cents on Amazon and I can’t think of a value that offers more enjoyment per ounce than this deal!  Read it and enjoy. If you are a writer, it’s worth many times the price!

Secret Wedding – A 5 ‘Starlet’ Romance – About a Romance Writer!