Saturday, November 5, 2011

Famous Writing Quote of the Day

"Use the 'Black Moment'
as a call to action."

“I’ve noticed that one of the problems with romance novels is that too many young women think they are 'how-to' books.”    Vince Mooney


  1. Oh, that quote makes me smile - despite the fact that it might hit a little too close to home, on occasion! ;) Thank you for the important reminder that while romance books can have a lot to offer, they're fiction and they don't offer a manual for real-life romance. The warning is duly noted! :)


  2. Hi Amber:

    This quote came to me when I bought a romance novel at my pharmacy. The pharmacist asked if I actually read romances or was it for my wife. I said yes, I read them. She said, “I used to read romances when I was young, but I found out life was not like that.” She seemed very said.

    I said, “These are not ‘how-to’ books. They are feel good books. They always make me feel good.