Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winner! Best ‘Physical Proxy’ of the Month!

Physical Proxies Are Ways To Convey Emotion Silently and Without Dialogue.

Sometimes an author does things so well it should be acknowledged! I am introducing a new feature that will highlight great examples of things writers are doing.

The first winner is Audra Harders for having the best ‘physical proxy’ in her new book, “Rocky Mountain Hero”.

In the scene below the hero is helping the heroine clean a fish. He has is arms around her with both leaning over the kitchen sink.

From Page 79, “Rocky Mountain Hero”.

“Ouch”. The muscles in his arm jerked.
“Sorry.” She pulled away. He held on tighter. What a time to daydream. She tried to drop the knife into the sink.
“Let’s try again.” His breath fluffed her hair.
She shook her bangs out of her eyes. Gabe chucked in her ear.
“Relax. I’m only letting you cut me once.”
Imagine! Cutting the hero with a knife to demonstrate that the heroine is flustered by the hero’s nearness! I didn’t even think of anything that far out in my list of 100 Physical Proxies. Wonderful writing!



  1. The much bally-hoo-ed fish cleaning scene. Great choice, Vince.

  2. Hi Andrea:

    The author has to be an outdoors woman. The actual fishing scene is also very good and not found in most romances. I hope she always keeps her characters outdoors as much as possible.

    The scene also has other emotional characteristics but I thought I'd play it safe and just talk about the physical proxy element. : )