Saturday, November 20, 2010

Read Them Now! The Long Awaited “Early Bird” Release of Two Love Inspired Debut Novels Happens Today! December First!


“World Wide” Debut – Now Available!

"Early Bird" Release Only Available at eHarlequin!

Click Here and Here!

At Long Last Fans Can Enjoy, “Rocky Mountain Hero” by Audra Harders and “The Rancher’s Reunion” by Tina Radcliffe – A Full 31 Days before the general bookstore release in January 2011.


  1. Vince, I just want to remind you that being President of the Tina Audra fan club is a job without a paycheck however we have a gavel for you!! You are the best!~

  2. Talking to Santa about extra special goodies in your stocking, LOL! Thanks, Vince. Yes, you are the very bestest!

  3. These are both on my to be purchased list. I can't wait.

  4. Hi Tina & Audra:

    I’m doing this because it is so much fun! You worked so hard to get here, why not celebrate?
    This only happens once and I’m happy to share in the joy!


  5. Well you totally rock.