Thursday, May 6, 2010

Romantic Comedy -- Christian Style!

All the Enjoyment of a Romantic Comedy
-- a Heartwarming Christian Message
Plus a Dash of Irony!

Romance by the Book
Myra Johnson
Publisher: Heartsong Presents
ISBN: 9781602606999
Pages: 176 pages

A Refreshing ‘Change of Pace’ Romance

If you enjoy romantic comedies at the movies like, “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You Got Mail”, you just may love “Romance by the Book”. Myra Johnson’s new book features all the cute comedic elements that you’d expect in a successful film!

The heroine, Sailor Kern, is a pixie-cute but clueless, loveable and innocent, very shy, thirty-something water aerobics instructor. The hero, Parker Travis, is a handsome, church going, solid citizen who is considered to be the best hairdresser in Brikenstock. Parker however is very shy, so while he is in his late thirties he hasn't had a date since high school! Ironically he is still considered the most eligible bachelor in his Missouri town. Oh yes, there’s enough irony and interesting antics to eliminate any risk of comedic anemia.

The Best Friend

The heroine has a best friend, Kathy, who pretends to date the hero to make the heroine jealous in order to save her from herself. (Got it?) The villain is a charming pseudo-romance author who uses his romance knowledge to exploit innocent young ladies. Did I mention irony?

Who Really Wrote This?

I had to wonder, “Is this the same Myra Johnson who wrote the two very serious and realistic novels, One Imperfect Christmas and Autumn Rains? I did my research and rest assured, she is the same Myra Johnson. (Her picture was in the front of the book.) Besides, unlike Hollywood romantic comedies, Romance by the Book has a serious Christian side which makes the story both unique and rewarding to read.

Christian Values with a Smile!

The Christian values expressed in Romance by the Book involve ‘not judging a book by the cover’ and the wondrous power of spiritual renewal. Don’t worry: there is no preaching. All this is worked into the plot and is part of the reading enjoyment.

Be Prepared to Be Surprised

By the time I finished half the book, I was certain I knew exactly how the book was going to end. I just knew I had everything figured out. Then everything changed! I actually had everything wrong.

Even a Surprise HEA!

While the happy ending was everything I like in a romance, the Epilogue surprised me even more by doubling the emotional impact of the HEA.

I Hope there’s a Sequel

The hero and heroine are exactly right for each other in Romance by the Book, but I really fell in love with Kathy the heroine’s best friend: the librarian. (Of course, I love books.) I hope Kathy gets a story of her own because she’s level-headed, intelligent, loyal, and oh so loveable (even though she has to watch her diet.) Did I mention that Sailor is a health food nut? Believe me, you just have to read it!

Romance by the Book -- Highly Recommended Christian Romantic Comedy.



  1. Vince, you are just too sweet! Thanks for the lovely review! You made my day!

  2. I loved the book, Myra. You did so much in a little book. Great characters. Great story. It was really fun. I was no where near ready for it to end.

  3. Hi Mary:

    Thanks for coming by. That you liked “Romance by the Book” is about as good an endorsement as a book could have.


  4. Hi Myra:

    Thanks for coming by. I’m glad you liked the review. Sometimes I write what I think is a good review and the author doesn’t like it. So I’m so glad you left a comment.

    I like your lighter side. I hope you write some more books like “Romance by the Book”. I really liked Kathy. I actually thought there was a possibility that Parker would fall in love with her!

    I’m looking forward to your next book. You did your ‘tragedy’ and your ‘comedy’ now, how about a 'history'? I think you could do a great WWII story.

    BTW: Sailor is exactly like my water aerobics instructor at the St. Francis Health Zone as are some of the people in her class.


  5. You know, Vince, I've never taken a water aerobics class in my life, so your comment is reassurance that I did my research well.

    Not so sure I'm ready to attempt another historical. The first one I tried turned into a mishmash that I may never be able to revise my way out of.

  6. I loved this book! I absolutely loved Parker! What a fun, different hero.

    And Vince, Myra has a really funny side that pops out sometimes when I least expect it. So this book fits her as well! :)

  7. Vince, I totally agree! This is a side of Myra we've not seen. I keep telling her this is my favorite book so far. They just keep getting better and better!

  8. Hi Missy:

    I guess you can’t always tell a book by its author!

    I expected Ruth’s book to be as funny as her posts, yet it was the most serious romance I’ve read.

    Myra wrote three very different books so it is going to be very interesting to see what her next book holds. It is part of the fun finding new authors that you really like and then watching their careers unfold.

    This thread leads to you and the question about what your fourth book will be like. I hear that you’ve mailed in the completed manuscript. Great!


  9. Hi Carla:

    Just a hint: I found out, the hard way, that you have to be very careful about telling an author her books are getting better and better! Sometimes, for a new author, her first books are often published out of the order that they were written.

    This is just a hint. Myra’s books are so different, I can’t compare one against the others. I do like romantic comedies, however. : )

    Thanks for stopping by.