Saturday, February 6, 2010

20 Interview Questions to Ask Your WIP Characters

Many writers have said that their writing really picks up after their characters ‘come to life’ and start acting on their own. Maureen Child wrote that the hardest part of a book is the first part because she did not know her characters that well. Once the characters took on a life of their own, the rest of the writing went very quickly.

Many writers also hit dry spells and have trouble writing even the most routine copy. When this happens, I suggest that the author interview the characters. Write the interview down and demand honest answers. I have found that this exercise can open a floodgates of ideas. To get you started, I've listed twenty starter questions to begin with.

1. How comfortable are you with your role in this WIP so far?
2. What do you think of the hero/heroine at this point?
3. Is the hero/heroine someone you would actually fall in love with in real life?
4. How do you think the story is going to end?
5. How would you like the story to end?
6. Are you happy with your name, height, eye color, and personality?
7. What would you change about yourself at this point to improve your life or happiness?
8. What fears about the future do you have at this point?
9. If you had the power, what would you change about the author of this WIP?
10. If you married the hero/heroine, what do you think the odds are that you’d stay in love the rest of your lives?
11.How strongly do you feel that God plays an active role in your life here on earth?
12. Are there any fictional characters you admire?
13. Do you think you are getting the opportunity to fully express your emotional life?
14. Do you feel that your speech is truly authentic or do you feel someone if putting words in your mouth?
15. If you were interviewing the WIP author, what would be the three most important questions you would ask?
16. In what way do you feel your life has meaning?
17. Do you feel you are doing anything important that is bigger than yourself?
18. Is there anything you could have done to be better prepared for your role in this WIP?
19. What do you plan to do after this WIP is completed?
20. What are you doing in your role that specifically rewards or entertains readers?

Be sure to save all interviews for potential future use as blog postings when the book is released.


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