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Why Do Women Love Vampires?

With A Review of “I Thirst for You” by Susan Sizemore

“Why do women love vampires?”

“How could a philosopher ask such a question?” you think. After all, “most women don’t read romances and, of the ones who do, most do not read vampire romances.”

O.K. What I should have said is “Why are ‘Vampire Romances’ so popular that they constitute a viable romance sub-genre?”

Could it be that there is a shortage of blood-sucking men in the real world?

No. That doesn’t seem probable.

Could it be the masochist thing? You know, that thing about women being natural masochists?

No, that’s been debunked. Have you read any of the Medusa books? Today’s heroines can take care of themselves. Besides, there already is a pure masochistic romantic sub-genre.

Then, could it be the ‘nurture’ thing? You know, the pop psychology view that women are the nurturers while men are the warrior-killers?

Well, there certainly could be merit to the ‘nurturing’ theory. Just think about it: how much more nurturing can you be than giving your life’s blood so that another may live?

Yes, but that is Romanticism, like in “Love Story”, it’s not Romance like in HEA.

Well, then, could it be that the men out there in the real world are so anemic that blood-sucking, non-human, creatures-of-the-night are seen as an improvement?

No, I don’t think so. Men do very well in traditional romances. Especially men in uniform. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a Maureen Child or Linda Howard hero?

You got that right.

But then a vampire can offer a lover eternal life (even if as one of the undead).

By the way, I’ve got “Undead and Unwed” by MaryJanice Davidson next up in my TBR pile.

“Undead and Unwed” you say? That makes me think: wouldn’t it be a real bummer to have eternal life and still not be able to find a husband? I hope the heroine finds a guy in that story.

But I digress. Maybe women love vampires because vampires are just better lovers. After all, they’ve had a very long time to develop their techniques.

I agree. It just has to be technique. Remember years ago on the fantastically popular soap opera “Dark Shadows”? The vampire on that show was old and ordinary looking. It was the werewolf who was the hunk.

That’s right. Quentin was the handsome werewolf but the women still liked that ‘Barnaby Jones’ guy with the fangs. It would seem that vampires don’t even have to be good looking. It doesn’t seem fair to us everyday heroes.

You have a valid point. But actually I think ‘Barnaby Jones’ was on another show.

It might be unfair but tell me this: how are men suppose to compete with ‘eternal life’ and centuries of experience satisfying the fair sex? A vampire can even offer a ‘HEA’ with a genuine ‘EA’.

Don’t be so sure! The ‘EA’ part may be possible but the ‘H’ part might turn out to be another kind of ‘H’. Don’t they say, “you can’t known a vampire until you live with him?”

I just thought of something! Do you think vampires say “As long as you both shall live” in their wedding vows?”

I understand they write their own vows.

BTW, how many vampire romances have you read?

Only one, “I Thirst For You”, by Susan Sizemore.

How was it?

Let me tell you now:

“I Thirst For You’
Susan Sizemore, Pocket Star Books, c.2004
(Originally a Pocket Book) Sony eBook format.

“I Thirst For You” is my first full length vampire romance. The book is excellent and I gave it 4 ½ stars out of 5. It is a contemporary romance with a modern day vampire who is only about 80 years old (but don’t worry -- he looks more like 30). He was captured by an evil and rouge government agency at the bequest of a rich patron who is very old and wants the vampire’s secret of eternal life before he dies.

The heroine is a commercial pilot who was involved in a crash in which passengers were killed. She has survivor guilt plus the guilt of being the pilot. She is scared to ever fly again.

At the start of the story, she is out in the Arizona desert 'finding' herself when the vampire-hero escapes his tormentors. The hero is near death when he runs into the heroine out in the middle of nowhere. He needs her blood and her SUV. He takes vampire drugs that let him exist in the daylight but direct sun is very painful. He really needs to be active at night. Given that there is a large force of dangerous armed men tracking him down, he has to hide and move quickly to get away. He takes the heroine hostage.

In “I Thirst for you” a vampire’s touch is highly erotic. Being bitten provides the ultimate in extended, erotic, pleasure. The vampire-hero has the power to control the minds of others. While the pleasure is addictive, the heroine can’t be sure she is truly attracted to the hero or if he is using mind control on her. The rest of the book is an “escape-thriller” with lots of loving along the way.

No human man will ever be able to compete in an amorous sense with this vampire-hero. However, P.C. Cast has a few Greek God heroes who prefer human heroines and who could give this vampire hero a run for his money.

“I Thirst For You” is a thrilling, fast-paced, story that will be read with great enjoyment. It is hot. XX hot.

Highly Recommended. BTW, there are more vampire romances in this series so, if you like this one, there are more on the shelves ready to read.

Susan Sizemore Rocks!


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