Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You Ready for the e-Print Book?

Having it All!

The Inside Cover of  Your Future Hardbound Bestseller will hold a dedicated eReader!

Like Birthday Cards that play only one song when you open them, the e-Print Book Reader will read only the book it comes with. This simplified eReader will have a search feature and variable type size options. The cover will be detachable so the book can be read by two people in different locations. The ‘two-books-in-one’ will cost only a little more than either eBook or print book purchased alone. 

The first of these books will be reference books and college textbooks. Bestsellers will follow as the price of eReaders comes down to a few dollars.

eBooks to be Bundled with Hardbound version!

Eventually, most print books will include a free downloadable digital version. Instead of fighting the eBook for sales, publishers will augment print book sales by bundling the eBook version with the print book. It would cost very little to include the eBook with the print sale but it could produce a big increase to the bottom line. If the profit on a hardbound book is $4 and the profit of selling the eBook version bundled with the hardbound book is also  $4 (the extra cost to the customer), then the profit would increase 100%! 

Great Marketing: Adding Substantial Value at Little Additional Cost!

Adding a lot of value to a hardbound book sale at almost no addition cost will make the publisher far more competitive. It will generate a great deal of plus business and add significantly to the bottom line. It just has to happen The question is when.

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