Thursday, August 1, 2013

Polly Pantser & Beatrice Plotter Invite You to The Workshop Today!

Visit Seekerville Today for Day 2 of the Pantser/Plotter Workshop! Featuring A Dozen Authors and A Score of Examples!
Visit Day 1 Here

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pantsers and Plotters But Didn’t Know Who To Ask!

Visit Day 2 Here

Now Playing at a Computer Near You!

Visit Seekerville Today

Beatrice Plotter & Polly Pantser Agree: There is Probably More Information Here Than Anyone Would Want to Know.
It’s an 'All You Can Learn' Buffet.


  1. Vince, You are amazing. Loved the two articles in Seekerville and the added bonus of the test. Thanks for bringing your light of brilliance into Seekerville.

  2. Hi Sandra:

    You are way too nice...but in a good way. Thanks for the kind words -- they make it all worth the effort.