Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zany, Serious, Witty, Spiritual, Heartwarming, Emotional, Inspiring!

I’ve never read a book quite like this one!

Enter Camy Tang’s Amazing World with “Weddings and Wasabi” – a Novella with the Power of a Novel!

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Publisher: WinePress Publishing (June 28, 2011)
Print book also available 

I knew that Camy Tang wrote Christian novels about Asian-American families living in northern California. I even bought two of her print books but I couldn’t read them because the type was too small for me to read. So when “Weddings and Wasabi” came out for the Kindle, I just had to buy it.   

A Story About Many Things!

What a surprise! The story is about many things. In a way, it is a coming of age story about the heroine, Jenn, who at 30-something, comes into her own as an independent family member and self-actualizing individual. It’s an intriguing story of an extended Asian American family. Jenn has over fifty cousins living close by that she can call by name. It’s a culinary story with lots of cooking. Jenn has just earned her cullinary degree. It’s a wacky story with motorcycles and a central character who is a goat named Pookie. (Seriously).

Inspiring, Intriguing, Good Times & Sad

It is also an inspiring and intriguing story that weavs prayer and Christian values into complex family relationships where Buddhism is still practiced. It's also a sad story because life can be sad at the same time the good times are happening.

It's One Big Novella!

“Weddings and Wasabi” may be a novella but more happens in the story than you’d expect to find in a 300 page novel. (In fact, the author has indicated that“Weddings and Wasabi” would have been a novel if she had had the time to write it. She’s now writing mysteries under contract for Love Inspired but still wanted to finish out this series for her Sushi fans.)  

What Kind of Book Is This?

I did ask the author, who was doing a blog appearance at the time, what kind of book “Weddings and Wasabi” really was. She called it a “humorous contemporary romance”. I differ a little with this description. I think “Weddings and Wasabi” is somewhere between a genre romance, where the central focus is on the relationship between the hero and heroine and women’s fiction, where the central focus is on issues important to women. 

There Is a Romance

There is a budding romance going on with Edward but it is not the central focus of the novel. Jenn and Edward seem ideal for each other and given more time they should find love and happiness. Edward looks the part of a bad boy with his new Harley motorcycle and leathers but he really works with his hands in the family vineyards.

Gateway Book -- Well Edited!

“Weddings and Wasabi” is a fun and easy way to sample Camy Tang’s Sushi Series. It is an easy read. The editing is excellent. I did not find one typo or have to read any sentence twice to derive its meaning.  I hope the author has time to give us Mimi’s story!

Five Stars & Highest Recommendation!

Wasabi is Japanese horseradish. It is most famous in form of a green paste used as condiment for sashimi (raw seafood) and sushi. However, wasabi is also used for many other Japanese dishes.


  1. Thank you SO much, Vince!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this book. And thanks for the picture of wasabi, too! That's so cute!

  2. Hi Camy:

    Thanks for coming by. I really enjoyed this opportunity to sample your ‘wasabi’ side! It’s so different yet so universal. What are the chances for a prequel novella? How would things have been in the 1920’s?