Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Venom from the Anti-Romance Critics

The Romance Genre is Not the Target!

Romance writer Donna Alward has pointed out an anti-romance article in The Telegraph in her blog today. This is about that story.

The romance genre is not the target in these recurring criticisms. The critics are not interested in literature. If they were there would also be similar criticisms of science fiction, horror, mystery, western, and mainstream genres. The romance genre is objectively among the most healthy of genres. It would he hard to find an overall more life and love affirming genre than romance. Also, when you consider inspirational romances, I think it would be impossible to find a more healthy genre on the market today.

The objective in these romance genre attacks is always to advance the liberal, secular, feminist agenda. If attacking  SF would also do this, then SF would be similarly attacked. But attacking SF does not do this and it is thus not attacked.

Romances show that it is possible to find happiness in a loving relationship with a man. This is an anathema to these romance critics. Romances also show that babies are a 'good-in-themselves' to be prized, loved and welcomed. This is a very dangerous attitude to these critics who believe that babies can be aborted at will and some who even believe babies can be aborted at anytime prior to birth. How is it possible that a baby would have no value and be subject to abortion one week but have all the rights and value of a human being the very next week. To these critics it is better to devalue the very humanity  of babies.

Inspirational romances, which allow God as a possible answer to conflicts, are at the top of these romance critics hit list. This is because many such critics are agnostics or atheists.

Defending the romance genre on literary grounds misses the point with these critics. They don’t care what defenses romance supporters provide. Their objective is to simply attack romance values (not its faults) and when possible attack romances again and again. Such attracks are not going to stop.

I just wonder:  were are all the articles showing that lesbian romances are bad for lesbian women and that happiness cannot be found in a loving relationship with another woman? You won’t see these articles because the critics would say that lesbian romances actually are good for women. Lesbian romances are PC and as such they will not be criticized in the mainstream media. By the way, I have no objections to lesbian romances. 

The way to answer the romance critics is to shine the light on what they are really doing. They don’t like being exposed.

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